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July 2014

News roundup – Articles you don’t want to miss

By | Communications

While you were on the phone all week, we were busy scouring the internet for top articles that might interest you. Here’s our news roundup…

Are you scared of cloud CRM?

In Mike Richardson’s article Cloud CRM and the SME: How to Work Out its Role in Your Business, he explores the biggest myths associated with cloud-based CRM systems. Fears like data insecurity and service disruptions are holding SMEs back from taking advantage of the productivity benefits that can be gained with the cloud.

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How to Be as Informed as a Micro manager Without Micromanaging

By | Management

Information is king, and the more you know about your employees the better you can run your business. If you’re a sales manager, you’re always trying to get the most information on the call activity of your team without having to continually look over their shoulders. As you know, constantly pestering sales reps to take call notes and brief you on their daily activity slows down your sales process – and annoys your employees.

Sales people need to make sales, not take copious notes and log their call activities. So how can you keep your reps on the phone more and still get the information you need?

We’ve compiled some top tools that provide insight into your team’s activities without creating more work for you or your sales reps. Read More

From Headache to Harmony: Our Search for the Perfect Headset

By | Communications, Sales

In an average week, how many hours do you spend on the phone? If you are in sales, recruitment, customer service or many other fields, the majority of your day is spent tied to your desk phone – or more accurately, your headset.

As your link to the outside world, your headset is a powerful tool that can be your best friend or your worst enemy. However, finding one that is friend and not foe, is sometimes harder than closing your end of quarter deals. We know all you’re looking for is a functional headset – one that will cancel out the sound of your neighbor busily making deals (or more likely watching YouTube videos) and not give you headaches from protruding pieces of plastic. Is that really too much to ask? We don’t think so.

Recently at SYNETY, we were looking for headsets for our sales reps and support team, so we understand the struggle and wanted to share our insights on the best options we found.

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