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August 2014

4 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Productivity

By | Productivity

ProductivityAt the end of the day, I disappointedly look at my to-do list and all the tasks left undone, and wonder why. A day that felt so busy is often not as productive as I would have liked. In the modern office environment, problems with focus and productivity are something everyone can relate to.

So what’s stopping us from being as productive as we would like? There are so many time-consuming productivity pitfalls that get in the way.

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5 Qualities of a Good Salesperson: Insight from Our Sales Director

By | Management, Sales

andyWhat makes a good salesperson? What do managers look for when hiring salespeople?

Andrew Jones, Chief Revenue Officer at CloudCall, should know. With over 30 years of experience in sales, sales training and sales management, he has interviewed in excess of 1,200 people and recruited approximately 300 others for a variety of roles.

What does he look for? Read on to find out.

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SYNETY Stocks Named One of Five for Rally by Shares Mag

By | News

SYNETY stocks named as one for the rally by Shares magazineIn this month’s issue of Shares magazine, SYNETY stocks have been named as one of “Five Stocks for the Rally.” In the feature, SYNETY stock was labeled as high growth and high quality, and the company itself had “exciting US expansion potential.”

They go on to say: “Combining a cloud-based system with a clever customer relationship management (CRM) platform provides scope for plenty of upside as the company ramps its sales force into the small and medium-sized enterprise market.”

Shares mentions our affordable pricing and call rates will keep customers happy as well as boost rapidly growing recurring revenues.

Thanks to Shares for the exciting write up on SYNETY stocks!

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Building the Right Relationships at Your Next Event

By | Communications, Sales

Events are a big investment for sponsors and participants alike. From the time your plane touches down to the minute you sleepily stumble out of the conference on the last day, you have to make the most of your experience. While there are many different reasons to attend a professional event – education, certification, free food – the real value comes from the relationships you build there.

The connections you make are where you’ll see your return on investment. Whether finding new customers, partners or simply peers in your industry, these relationships will help you build your business. So how can you network most effectively? Read More

5 Things to Tell Marketing for Better Leads

By | Communications

If your sales team is like ours, or any other sales team for that matter, they would probably give their morning coffee for better leads. The ever present struggle for sales and marketing to get more leads and get better leads rages on, and while both parties know it’s in their best interest to communicate on lead quality, the daily grind often gets in the way.

We want to make it easier for you to improve lead quality with 5 simple questions that if answered at least once a month can help marketing filter out some of the noise, and you can stop wasting time calling on poor quality leads.


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