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October 2014

Could Rising Call Handling Times Be a Good Sign for Your Business?

By | Communications, Management

Live Support

It is logical to believe that with improved technology, call handling times would be decreasing. However, a recent article by Leonard Klie on states that sales and customer service calls take 16% longer today than seven years ago.
While this might seem alarming to some call center managers, it seems that this increase in call length can actually be a good sign.
For sales calls, the benefit is obvious. Longer calls hopefully equal more meaningful calls which are more likely to convert into revenue.
But, for support and customer service calls, why have these call lengths been increasing?

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Did Dreamforce 2014 Live up to the Hype?

By | Communications

DF entrance

Dreamforce 2014 was Synety/CloudCall’s first time at the massive Salesforce conference, so what did we think of the CRM extravaganza?

As a first time Dreamforce attendee and sponsor, I was excited and nervous as the event approached. So much planning leads up to one week in October and as a sponsor, it’s a big investment. So did Dreamforce live up to our expectations?

Short answer: Yes.

As a Salesforce partner, this is your dream environment. Almost every person walking by your booth is a potential customer and the exposure you get is amazing.

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Prepared to Land A Sales Job? Advice from a Recruiter

By | Sales

Paul has found countless professionals a sales job

Are you looking for a sales job? Do you know what recruiters and companies are looking for when searching for a new salesperson?

This week’s post is from Paul Manning, Principal-Executive Recruiter at The Bowdoin Group, an executive search firm based outside of Boston, MA.

During his tenure, he has completed over 350 searches with clients that range from venture backed pre-IPO to Fortune 100 in size.

Read on for a valuable view into what he looks for when placing a sales candidate.
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The Sales Marathon: How Do You Finish First

By | Management, Productivity, Sales

Sales MarathonWhat sets you apart from your competition? When it comes to closing a deal, preparation and training are the difference between winning and losing. In the sales marathon, there can only be one winner.

To gain your competitive edge, you need to start preparing today. Our new guide Training for the Sales Marathon: How to Finish First will give you that advantage. Learn a new routine to get to the top of your game and what tools can provide additional advantages.

Overcome obstacles like complicated data, slow sales’ processes and lack of motivation, with the right CRM integrations and data management tools. We also provide tips on incorporating call analytics into your reporting for clear insights to optimize your process.

There’s no time like the present! Start your training today and develop the healthy habits that will sustain you on the track to finishing first.

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