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December 2014

A Successful 2014: SYNETY Thanks You For A Great Year!

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It’s been a successful 2014 at SYNETY; one full of exciting changes and major achievements.

2014 saw the expansion of SYNETY into the US market and the delivery of our US platform, allowing us to better serve our customers in the US and Canada. On July 1st, we opened the doors to our US headquarters located at 745 Atlantic Ave in downtown Boston, Massachusetts. Boston was specifically selected due to the quality infrastructure, workforce potential and vicinity to our UK office. Read More

What Can You Do To Ensure Higher Sales Figures This Year?

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2015 Planning v2

What can you do to ensure higher sales figures this year?

As the year draws to a close, it’s easy to focus on your successes and failures of the past 12 months. But instead of living in the past, take some time to ensure your success in 2015. Of course, there are no fool-proof tricks to good sales, but there are some simple practices you can put in place now that will make it easier to ensure higher sales in 2015.

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5 Best Podcasts to Get You Thinking

By | Communications

Podcastv2There are quite a few podcasts specifically about sales and sales strategies, but when you’ve been working all day the last thing you want to do is listen to a sales podcast on your way home from work. While it’s important to keep up with sales trends and news, it’s just as important to expose yourself to creative, entrepreneurial people from different industries with different points of view. This fresh perspective can help you think creatively as well when it comes to your own work.

The list of podcasts below all provide really interesting ways to look at problems – the type of thinking you need in sales.

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Rejection in Sales – How To Get Over It

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Rejection comes with the territory in sales, no matter how good you are. According to Ovation Sales Group, it takes 8 call attempts to even get a prospect on the phone, and only a tiny fraction of those contacts will become customers. With odds like that, how do sales teams keep up their morale?

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