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January 2015

Do’s and Don’ts of Selling to Referrals

By | Sales

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You know referrals are a great way to sell. There are varying statistics on the conversion rate of referral sales, but it’s generally agreed that they convert somewhere around 50%. Much more successful than cold calling. Unfortunately, too many salespeople don’t ask for referrals or squander the referrals they get.

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My Unwritten Rules of Sales Call Etiquette

By | Sales


People sometimes think of sales like the Wild West – no rules, and all that matters is making a deal. This is far from true. The most important dimension of sales is building relationships and trust – and it all begins with a phone call. I’ve put together 4 unwritten rules of selling over the phone that allow you to build trust and earn the respect of your potential customers.

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Content: How to Use It To Stand Out To Prospects

By | Communications, Sales


Do you know what your marketing team is up to? If your answer is no, you may be at a disadvantage when talking to prospects. If a lead comes in through content (say, a downloaded ebook or social media campaign), you need to know so you can talk to them knowledgeably.

According to Forrester, “today’s buyers might be anywhere from two-thirds to 90% of the way through their journey before they reach out to a vendor.” So it’s essential that you know what marketing programs and information they may have found in their research.

Here are a few tips for getting noticed by prospects with the help of your marketing team and some great content.

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Are Bad Managers to Blame for Low Employee Engagement?

By | Management, Productivity

]EngagementAccording to Gallup’s recent State of the Global Workplace study, only 13% of employees are engaged at work. While this number is higher in the US and Canada (29%), those numbers are still surprisingly low. When you think the time we spend working, it’s shocking to realize that so many people are simply slogging through those hours.

As I researched this subject, more and more, the biggest detriment to poor engagement became clear – poor management.

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