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March 2015

Is A Career In Sales Right For You?

By | Sales

What made you decide that Sales was the right career path for you? As a child, I’m sure that a career in Sales wasn’t what first came to mind when asked the question: what do you want to be when you grow up? Maybe it’s because you enjoy a challenge – after all, what’s more challenging than persuading people to buy into a product or service?

Maybe you’re good at talking to people, at listening to what they have to say.

Or maybe it’s because you’ve watched films such as the recent hit, the Wolf of Wall Street with Leonardo DiCaprio or Will Smith in the Pursuit of Happiness and thought…yes, that could be the job for me.

Whatever the reason, have you considered this: Do you have the right skills and traits that will help you succeed in Sales?

yes and no

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How Can Your Business Maintain Customer Satisfaction As It Grows?

By | Communications, Customer Experience, Productivity

As a business, you know that it’s essential to communicate with your customers through a variety of channels; through phone, email, website form requests and social media. But even with these various channels, 46% of customers still prefer to communicate via the telephone, according to a report conducted by Vodafone. With this in mind, how can you ensure that you are doing enough to meet your customers’ needs when they contact your business?


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