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April 2015

Save Time, Sell More

By | Productivity, Sales

I’ve been working in sales for a number of years now and there has always been pressure to sell more, with each quarter your target getting a little higher.  We are naturally competitive and want to beat our colleagues and to be the top salesperson pushing us to strive for more sales.

As the Head of Sales, I have learnt some key skills on how to save time to achieve more sales.

Here are some top tips on how I save time and sell more.

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Time Management – Myth or Essential Life Skill?

By | Management, Productivity

Do you often find yourself wishing for more hours in the day or are you rushing around hopping from one task to another?


Time Management is all about how you divide and prioritise your time efficiently. By learning to manage your time around your tasks, you will find that you will work more effectively, gain a better professional reputation, increase your opportunities to advance and feel far less stressed.

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Smarter not Harder – is it possible?

By | Productivity

Have you ever attended a time management course, walked away and thought ‘yes, as of tomorrow I am going to work more efficiently, stick to my core hours BUT get more done?’

Then the very next day you arrive promptly, grab your coffee and spend the next 10 minutes catching up with your colleagues and telling them all about the great course you went on yesterday….

So why is it when there is a holiday weekend (just like tomorrow) we are miraculously able to get all our work done in a shorter week?Working smarter

Is this our culture, do we all perform better under tight timescales? Can we learn from other cultures?

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