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July 2015

Marketo & Me

By | Marketing, Productivity

Last week, we discussed what marketing automation could do for your business. Today, I’d like to share our company’s experience with our marketing automation software, Marketo. These days, the majority of my working hours are spent in Marketo. Doing so, has led to colleagues referring to the software as my ‘work-husband’ and in fact, a colleague from another department has asked who ‘Mark Eto’ was, as he had heard us using the name!

Together, Marketo and I have faced many challenges – there have been tears, frustration, joy and triumph (mostly, well, all on my part).

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Can Events Really Generate Good Leads?

By | Communications, Marketing, Sales

As a business, you need to be savvy when it comes to defining what a lead is, at an event.

Does someone who comes to your stand simply for a sweet or a free pen qualify as a lead? Probably not.  You need to consider if there is any value in investing your sales team’s time with following up with these ‘leads’ post-event.

In order to successfully generate quality leads, you need to consider many factors and plan effectively to maximise the ROI potential.

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