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December 2015

Maintaining High Levels of Customer Service During Holiday Season

By | Customer Experience

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can be a challenging time for businesses. For retail businesses, apart from increased sales in-store and online, customers are also more likely to contact customer service over queries such as delivery or collection of orders, product availability, and making returns or exchanges. For Technical Support teams, however, it may actually mean a drop in the number of inbound calls but they also have to manage staff taking holiday and working on a reduced schedule. Sustaining high levels of customer service during this time can actually give businesses the chance to shine and build up customer loyalty that will last them throughout the coming year.

Maintain customer service levels during holiday season

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CloudCall 2015 – The Year That Was

By | News

This has been another, remarkably busy year at SYNETY. Building on the changes from last year, our focus was on strengthening our CloudCall solution, developing new integrations with partners and enhancing our Company infrastructures and capabilities.


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