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3 CRM Mistakes You Make That Drive Your Boss Crazy

By September 11, 2014Management, Sales

You use your CRM every day, and you have a routine down. You know exactly how you fill out all the fields and organize all your information. It may make perfect sense to you, but some of your habits are probably driving your boss crazy. So what are the biggest CRM mistakes that are guaranteed to annoy your boss?

1. Not updating progress on your opportunities

Just like you, your boss is under pressure to deliver deals, and he or she needs to know what will close this month. It’s essential that you document the progress you’re making on opportunities. Are you in contact? Do you have a demo scheduled? Have you gotten feedback that indicates the deal may close soon?

Without this information, your boss doesn’t know whether to forecast it to close this month.

2. Stealing leads

When you’re hot on the trail of a new prospect, it’s easy to forget procedure. But before you hastily enter that new contact’s name into your CRM, make sure to search the system to see if an account for them already exists. Failure to do this could result in lead stealing! We know you’d never purposefully steal someone else’s lead, but it creates a mess whether intentional or not.

3. Causing lead source problems

You just brought in a big deal… but where did it come from? You may know, but unless you mark a lead source, it’s hard for others to know where successful leads are coming from.

When marked consistently and accurately, lead sources show your boss where the sales team should continue to focus their efforts. So if you want more good leads in the future, be sure to mark your lead source!

Possibly more importantly, don’t change a lead source! If someone has already marked where the lead came from, don’t touch! There’s a reason why that source has been chosen, so at the very least ask before you make any changes.

Give your boss a break, and stop making these annoying CRM mistakes today!

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