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3 ways to keep your recruiting, mobile!

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The office desk has a lot going for it. Your PC’s desktop is crammed with every file you’ve ever needed from the past five years. That teddy bear you picked up from a recruiting fair the week before you achieved top biller is keeping a watchful eye on proceedings. Your drawers are full of an array of biscuits, sweets and crisps that would bring an Instagram ‘influencer’ out in cold sweats.

Of course, you do have to put up with your co-workers…

But, while its days aren’t yet numbered, a desk isn’t quite the centre of a recruiter’s world anymore. The way that people consume the Internet has changed immensely; in fact, in November 2016 mobile internet usage overtook desktop for the first time.

This means that recruiters have to be more mobile-savvy, whether this means utilising mobile recruitment tools, working on-the-go or making use of social media channels.

Kiss the commute goodbye?

Just a generation or so ago, the thought of a recruiter regularly working outside the office would have been ludicrous. But fast-forward a few years, and you may be forgiven for finding that commute into the office a little pointless. Why navigate the snarled-up streets, signalling failures, Tube strikes and packed buses when you could be just as productive at home.

Salesforce ushered in the world of cloud-based CRMs in 1999, and this provided quick and easy access to your database from any PC (internet connection permitting). As connection speeds increased, the cloud-based CRM became ever more useful, particularly when VoIP telephony opened up access to your company’s phone system from anywhere with a quick-enough connection. But there’s a problem. Your phone system on one program, your CRM on another; and never the twain shall meet. Call notes may go astray, recordings may be impossible to trace back to entries and how would your manager know if you weren’t using a drinking bird to cover for you?

Computer telephony integration (CTI) on its own solves that issue by linking your phone system and CRM, but in a mobile-first world where one in five millennials don’t even own a PC, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. Your CRM may offer mobile access, whether in the form of a dedicated application (such as Salesforce) or a mobile-native design (such as Bullhorn), while some CTIs provide mobile apps which give the same level of integration with your CRM on both mobile and desktop devices. These apps are perfect for when you’re on the go, working from home or even kicking back on the sofa.

Swipe right for work?


We’ve all been guilty of flicking through Tinder or Bumble while killing time on the train or bus. While I wouldn’t recommend asking for your next match to send their CV in, you can utilise the lessons from these apps when recruiting.

The common trope about millennials having a short attention span may or may not be true, but all evidence does seem to point to a desire for instant gratification that, while probably not a positive in the long-run, you need to accommodate.

Filling out job application forms can be one of the most tiresome things imaginable. It’s tedious when out of work and with time on your hands, and even worse when in work and pushed for time. It’s not enough to assume that your potential candidates will hang on in there either, no matter how good the job is.

Try and keep your application process as streamlined as possible. This will mean those younger and/or more passive candidates have less of an excuse not to apply. Tools such as Jobmagnet, Workey and Switch even offer a Tinder-like experience, which, despite being less personal and more transactional than traditional application methods, will encourage younger applicants who may have the skills that you’re looking for.


There’s nothing like a glance at Instagram to make you feel jealous of other people. So what better tool for a recruiter to use….

Of course, I jest, but as social media usage continues to grow, it is important to stay ahead of the game.

We all know how LinkedIn can work for recruiters, but let’s face it; it’s not exactly flavour of the month with every young job-seeker, probably due to posts like this…

And while Facebook is still the giant of the social media scene, it has gone a little bit… mature….

But what about Instagram? The most visual of social media channels has 600 million more users than LinkedIn, appeals to a younger audience than pretty much every other platform, and it is pretty much new ground for recruiters.  Despite this, 28 percent of American workers aged 18 through 29 preferred using Instagram to LinkedIn as a window into company culture and workplace life.
Statistic: Age distribution of active social media users worldwide as of 3rd quarter 2014, by platform | Statista
Major companies such as Marriott Hotels, Disney and ITV have created polished, dedicated recruiting accounts, featuring attractive posts that show off the company culture and make you want to work there. And recruiters are beginning to catch on to the opportunity it offers to strengthen their brands, source talent and develop their social presence. Don’t be left out!


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