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4 benefits of integrating telephony with your CRM

If you and your business use a CRM system, then you already know they are a great solution for a range of different business needs. Sometimes, however, the CRM itself may not be enough. Which is where integrations come in. *CloudCall to the rescue* 

Integrations (such as CloudCall) provide more detailed reporting, advanced automation, efficient functionality, customer feedback surveys…the list goes on.  

Basically, if your CRM is without an integration, then you are using it in black and white. With an integration? Well lets just call that Ultra HDR 8k. You get the picture (pardon the pun). 

So, the benefits of integrating telephony with your CRM: 

Improved customer experience 

Keep all records of past conversations, call recordings, notes and more in one place – your CRM. Keep your customers happy, knowing they won’t have to repeat themselves the next time they call. 

Smarter conversations 

Inbound pop ups bring up the CRM record of the contact who is calling, helping you have better, smarter and more productive conversations. Pretty cool, right? 

Better employee performance 

Use call activity to set KPI’s for your team members. Use the CRM to track total number of calls or average call duration to improve your team’s skills and help develop them into greater agents.  

Efficient training 

Use past call recordings saved within your CRM for training new staff. You can show them examples of good (or bad) conversations to identify best practice. Use the recordings to further train existing staff and find out areas that could use improvement. 

If you are going to make one change to your business this year, make sure it’s to supercharge your CRM! 

Would you like to learn more about CRMs and the power that an integration can have? Take a look at our eGuide here. 

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