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4 tips for managing your call queue times

In our recent CRM and integrations eGuide, we found that reducing queue times is the number one priority for call centres, with nine out of ten businesses seeing this as a significant priority.

Our research found that nearly half (46%) of all customers said they had bought elsewhere, or cancelled a contract because they struggled to get in touch with a supplier.

As you can tell, call queues can have a pretty big impact on customer satisfaction. Customers like to speak to a person and the quicker they can do that, the better.

To make sure you stay on top of your call queue times, we’ve put together 4 top tips for you:

  1. Use IVR

Improve customer experience by routing them to the appropriate team, through IVR options they can choose.

  1. Give visibility

Give your agents visibility into queue metrics, so they can see exactly how many people are waiting.

  1. Share updates

Ensure updates and important messages such as wait times are being shared to callers through the IVR.

  1. Let callers decide

Reduce queues with self-service options, such as requesting a call back or leaving a voicemail.

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