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5 Things to Tell Marketing for Better Leads

If your sales team is like ours, or any other sales team for that matter, they would probably give their morning coffee for better leads. The ever present struggle for sales and marketing to get more leads and get better leads rages on, and while both parties know it’s in their best interest to communicate on lead quality, the daily grind often gets in the way.

We want to make it easier for you to improve lead quality with 5 simple questions that if answered at least once a month can help marketing filter out some of the noise, and you can stop wasting time calling on poor quality leads.


5 Questions that Marketing Needs Your Help to Answer:

1. What are prospects biggest pain points?
Who better to discover the biggest pain points prospects are experiencing? What complaint is causing them to look for a product like yours? This is essential information that can be leveraged in the next email or advertisement to create more interest.

2. Are you seeing bigger deals in certain industries?
Then most likely, you want more leads from that industry – so tell marketing! They can run targeted campaigns or create specific content to attract more leads from a specific industry.

3. Who is signing off on the deal?
Marketing wants to know who you’re talking to so they can get you as close to the source as possible.

4. Where are your deals coming from?
The lead source field can tell you a lot. Have you noticed one in particular that you like? Dislike? Marketing can run the numbers, but you can tell them more anecdotal information such as why the leads are good or bad.

5. How is the volume?
Are you getting enough leads? Are there too many and it’s too hard to sift through the white noise? Marketing wants to keep your pipeline full but don’t want your leads to grow cold before you can get to them. Keeping the balance of volume to what you can handle will allow marketing to keep your leads warm for you until you’re ready to call.

Marketing – What can you do to get this information from sales?

Know their schedule
Be aware that the sales team work on a tight schedule, the last day of the month when they’re trying to meet their quota might not be the best time to ask them a lot of questions. Instead, take advantage of the holiday season when most people are out of the office for vacation or non-peak call times.

Tell sales what you’re up to
Keep the sales team up to date on marketing efforts and how the information they’ve shared has helped improve campaigns.

Even give them a shout-out on your company’s Salesforce Chatter or Intranet page.

Try to make things fun. People are much more willing to talk over a slice of pizza or a beer. Sometimes the best collaboration happens outside of the office.

Have other suggestions that have worked for you? We want to know!

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