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7 Ways to Combat the Slow Start and Early Finish Every Week – Part 1

By March 10, 2016Productivity, Sales

A study by Accountemps has shown that Tuesday is the most productive day of the week. It also highlights that Monday morning and Friday afternoon tend to be the least productive with only 3% respondents agreeing that Fridays were the most productive days in their offices. As Head of Sales at SYNETY, this has also been my observation – an otherwise great week’s work from the team is usually marred by Monday morning and Friday afternoon blues. We believe that every business, to some degree, falls foul of these low energy periods.

So, how to tackle these slow starts and early finishes? In this first of a two part series, I share some tried and tested tips to help beat these ‘slumps’.

Track All Activity

The ability to easily report on the activity levels of your team during the slump period is the first step to turning things round. Most CRMs have powerful integrations that give you the power to schedule regular reports on email and call activity. Once you have a clear view of what is happening, you can start to make changes, set targets and track the improvements. With CloudCall, for example, you can measure your team’s calling performance down to each department, team or individual and also view all inbound and outbound call records, notes, categories and recordings synced into your CRM. You get a complete picture of team activities which can be used to drive and improve productivity.

Analyze All Activity

Once you have a clear view of all statistics on team activity, it becomes easier to break down and analyze activity. One great way of analyzing activity is to create a league table for each member of the team and give them points based on their activities, such as how many calls made, how long the calls lasted, how many emails sent. You’ll be surprised how quickly the team will start to improve once they’ve seen themselves at the bottom of the table. You are also giving instant recognition to your high energy, high performing superstars.

Select the Right Activities for Low Energy Periods

Based on team activity analysis, you can identify which activities work best on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons – be it call backs, follow ups, sending emails, administration activities, training or prospecting activity. Our team favorite for Monday mornings is making outbound prospecting calls – we have found that Monday morning is a great time for pick up rate. So on Monday mornings between 8.30AM – 12.00PM, we have set up a progressive dialer campaign to start and end at these times. Automating the calling activity through the dialer ensures that each and every member of the team is involved and no one is allowed to book any other activity during these times. So your dialer can actually be your savior of Monday mornings!

For calling activities, to learn more about how to use Progressive Dialer effectively and getting insights into call activities with real-time Dashboards, check out CloudCall Campaigns. Next week, in the concluding instalment of this series, we will look at more ways to successfully combat team fatigue on slow start Monday and early finish Friday.

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