7 Ways to Combat the Slow Start and Early Finish Every Week - Part 2

7 Ways to Combat the Slow Start and Early Finish Every Week – Part 2

By March 17, 2016Productivity, Sales

Part 2 explores some more ways in which businesses can combat the slow start and early finish to the week. Last week, we looked at how to track and analyze activities and select pre-defined activities for Monday morning and Friday afternoon, which can get all team members involved and help to revitalize low energy periods. Today, we look at how to keep the team motivated by setting goals and how to use rewards and treats to recognize the hard work that they put in during periods of ‘slump’.

Set Goals to Achieve

Last week, we spoke about identifying activities that can help invigorate the period of slumps such as outbound calling or sending out emails. With these activities, set clear and concrete targets for calls and emails across Monday morning and Friday afternoon. During these periods, an X number of calls should be targeted or X number of appointments booked or X number of contacts reached. Drill down on the KPIs to include the type of activity – how may attempts, how many contacts or impactful conversations, how many meetings, demos or appointments. With telephone activity, for example, we use CloudCall to categorize the calls as they are completed. We also use impactful Dashboards to review call category, so that disposition or outcome can help evaluate what all that activity actually counts for.

Recognize and Reward

Put the stick down and step away – the carrot is mightier than the stick. Regularly rewarding team members who are exceeding expectation is a great way to send home the message to slackers. Set a reward prize such as movie tickets or lunch vouchers, for the one that reaches the goal, such as the most calls over the duration of Monday morning and Friday afternoon. Visibility is absolutely crucial here and the best way to do this is by again using activity Dashboards so that teams can see and track their output in real time. Other than individual rewards, pair up team members or try a company-wide team challenge. This will also make a great team building exercise, creating some personal responsibility for each member of the team – after all, no one likes to let their team down!

Evaluate Key Processes

We regularly review workflows with our customers and prospects and find the same feedback and responses coming up time and time again. Many of our business processes are settled upon or arrived at by natural selection rather than intelligent design. Periods of low energy are a great time to mix it up and evaluate key processes. Sit down with team members, ask for their thoughts on the everyday processes and brainstorm on how to improve these processes. Your team is a wealth of knowledge – they work with these processes regularly, they will be able to spot the flaws, recognize the inefficiencies and think of the improvements way before you do.


The reason that it’s hard to get going on a Monday morning is that we’re still thinking about how great Saturday night was. Similarly, by mid-day Friday, we’re already focusing on plans for the weekend. Sweeten the deal with some treats – a perfectly placed sugar rush from a round of doughnuts could be just what they need to keep them going until end of the day. Or how about passing round the ‘Sales Champ’ hat, or the person with least calls in the hour has to make the coffee or sing a song or make the coffee while singing a song. My personal favorite is balloon roulette – blow up some balloons, put a prize in one and let them pop every time they hit a goal. For more ideas and inspiration along this theme, check out this interesting SlideShare from RepIGNITE.

There are periods of slump on Monday morning and Friday evenings which can be detrimental for team productivity. The tips we have shared in this blog series are some of the tried and tested methods that worked for our team with CloudCall and we hope that they will work for you too. But all teams are different and have a different approach. Do you have any helpful tips on how to beat the blues on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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