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Advantages of a remote Sales Team

So we know that ‘going’ to work isn’t about being in the office anymore. It’s about working from wherever you are, and it can be helped or hindered by the technology you use. A Sales Team is crucial to the success of many businesses. Developing their skills, productivity and confidence is essential for your businesses growth.

Gartner reported that 48% of employees will likely work remotely at least part of the working week after COVID vs 30% before the pandemic.1

A fully remote working Sales Team can provide even greater results than their office counterparts, and here’s why: 

Increase sales – Remote working has shown to improve productivity, meaning that remote working Sales Teams will increase their sales performance compared to office based teams.

Improve efficiency – Reps have more time to take on additional responsibilities and focus on what they do best; selling.

Attract the best talent – Having team members who can work from anywhere means you can recruit skilled people from outside your local area.

Save money – With remote teams less office space is needed as well as having lower operating costs.

Remote working solutions are just some of the services we provide – take a look at our other productivity boosting features here or you can request a callback to speak to a member of our helpful team.

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