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The value of ISV relationships with Dana Ress, CEO at RedPoint Solutions

By | Technology

Tune in to this episode of our podcast series where we are joined by Redpoint Solutions, a leading Implementation Partner & Product Development Outsourcer within the Salesforce ecosystem. RedPoint was founded in 2000 and has been delivering solutions on the Salesforce platform since 2005. 

We hear from CEO Dana Ress about all the intricacies of ISV consulting partner relationships, as well as, all the benefits different organisations can support each other with inside the Salesforce ecosystem. Dana also shares his insight into how customer needs have changed in response to the pandemic and what vision he has for the future of cloud based technology. Read More

3 tips to get the most out of CloudCall for Microsoft Teams

By | Communications, Product

Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular business products offering internal communications, document sharing and collaboration toolsWith many of us now working remotely, these features allow colleagues to work together by staying connected as if everyone was working in the office together. Teams is quickly becoming an essential part of work life for people around the world. 

CloudCall’s integration with Microsoft Teamsprovides additional functionality to the platform, allowing users to search their CRM systems contacts and make calls from directly within Microsoft Teams. All calls take place within your CRM system, so all our great features are still available for you to use.  

With any new platform or integration, it may take some getting used to. We’re sharing some handy tips to get the most out of the platform so you can become a savvy user in no time!  

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Kick start your business phone system wish list for 2021

By | Management, Product, Technology

Kick start your 2021 business phone system wish list now

With the number of phone system providers growing, it can be daunting to find the perfect phone solution for your business’s needs. This guide will give you the tools you need to evaluate which system is right for your business. To make things simple we’ll stick to only covering VoIP or cloud-based phone systems in this quick wish list guide. Read More

How CloudCall adds value to your business with Jonathan Croft

By | Communications, Product
As technology improves and we change the way we are working, the world of telephony is constantly evolving. Thanks to this progress, phone systems are now able to do so much more than simply making and receiving calls.

Cloudcall’s Director of Sales for North America, Jon Croft, is fully aware of this. On a daily basis he is learning about the challenges our prospective customers are encountering, and how CloudCall can fit into their strategy for overcoming them.  One area where Jon knows we stand out from competitors is our powerful integration with CRM systems. Read More

3 ingredients for the perfect CRM system

By | Productivity, Technology

There’s no doubt that a good CRM system is a must have for a business. But there are many different CRMs on the market, offering various tools, add-ons, features and integrations. With so many options, it’s hard to know what’s right for you. The most important thing to consider is your business’s priorities, then think about what tools or features are critical to address those priorities. With that in mind, this video covers 3 of the most valuable CRM tools for all businesses.

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How CloudCall gives you the biggest bang for your buck

By | Management, Technology
It’s vitally important to implement tools and systems that will help you compete in your market. However, it can be overwhelming with new tools arriving on the market every day. Additionally, business owners don’t always have a lot of money to spend on the latest systems, so must carefully consider which tools to invest in. CloudCall provides a powerful communications platform that simplifies your life. Watch our short video which highlights why it’s such an effective system and how it can impact your business. Read More

EngageX Europe Roundup

By | Productivity, Recruitment

EngageX, Bulhorn’s leading recruitment industry event, has been a great example of how businesses are successfully adapting to the rapidly changing, online world we live in today. The event has been a highlight of our calendar since its founding, and last week we were proud to be return as a platinum sponsor. Read More

Broadcast messaging has the power to transform sales. Are you using it to its full potential?

By | Communications, Product
Broadcast messaging, also known as bulk SMS or mass messaging is a great way to communicate with prospective customers or clients and has the power to transform sales. Whether you’re alerting customers to an update or looking to promote your latest offer, broadcast messaging ensures your message makes it to your audience and doesn’t get lost among the spam of the email inbox. Read More