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The Art of Perfecting Conversation: Tactics for Maximizing Your Communications

By | Communications

Communication truly is an art form that requires skill and experience to master. Improving communications, and therefore conversation skills can be a catalyst to finding success in many areas of your life. Just imagine nailing that job interview or impressing your colleagues in the next meeting. Being an effective communicator can bring advantages in more ways than you can imagine.    Read More

How to Measure Sales Performance With CloudCall Dashboards

By | Management, Productivity, Recruitment, Sales, Technology

To get the most out of your sales team and drive them towards achieving improved results you will need to measure their performance. Sales management dashboards have long been the go-to for monitoring high-level performance. They allow you to filter down data, highlighting only the key elements that provide valuable insight into a team’s success.  Read More

What does the future of conversation look like?

By | Technology

At a glance, the way we communicate in the modern day can seem incredibly complicated. Having a good understanding of the communications landscape is paramount to engaging customers effectively, collaborating with team members, and having meaningful relationships with friends and family.

With new technology moving at an astonishing pace, future innovations could help to unify communication and bring back personal connections or, they could further complicate and divide our already fragmented systems.

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