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Cloud Fixes for Top Recruitment Challenges

By | Communications, Recruitment

CloudFixesBlogThe recruitment industry faces its own unique set of obstacles compared to other businesses, and it can be challenging for agencies to stay on top of staff, job listings, client needs and all the other demands of job placement.  Thankfully, in the era of the cloud, there are many tools to help address these recruitment-specific issues.

First things first, if you’re using a web-based CRM, you’re already on the right track. Compared to on-premise CRMs, web-based options allow for more scalability, access to more frequent and easier bug fixes and updates, and the ability to easily integrate with other essential tools (like the ones we will discuss in this post).

So what challenges can cloud-based solutions help you overcome?

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Can Automation Improve Customer Experiences?

By | Customer Experience

Firstly, let’s talk about James.  James has an issue with his car insurance and decides to call them on his lunch break. He carefully selects the department he needs to talk to.

Sheila also has an issue with her car insurance and like James decides to call them once on her lunch break and just like James she carefully selects the department she needs to talk to.

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Event Excitement – T-minus 5 days until Dreamforce!

By | Sales

Dreamforce is next week! Like Lorraine, I will be a first-time attendee to Dreamforce, and I can’t wait. Unlike Lorraine (who spoke about all of the partner-related events and activities on last week’s blog post about she’s most looking forward to about Dreamforce, last week), I’ll be heading to Dreamforce with a different focus in mind.

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Time Management – Myth or Essential Life Skill?

By | Management, Productivity

Do you often find yourself wishing for more hours in the day or are you rushing around hopping from one task to another?

Time Management is all about how you divide and prioritise your time efficiently. By learning to manage your time around your tasks, you will find that you will work more effectively, gain a better professional reputation, increase your opportunities to advance and feel far less stressed.

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Smarter not Harder – is it possible?

By | Productivity

Have you ever attended a time management course, walked away and thought ‘yes, as of tomorrow I am going to work more efficiently, stick to my core hours BUT get more done?’

Then the very next day you arrive promptly, grab your coffee and spend the next 10 minutes catching up with your colleagues and telling them all about the great course you went on yesterday….

So why is it when there is a holiday weekend (just like tomorrow) we are miraculously able to get all our work done in a shorter week?

Is this our culture, do we all perform better under tight timescales? Can we learn from other cultures?

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