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Why choose CloudCall for Microsoft Teams over Direct Routing

By | Product, Technology

Microsoft Teams is quickly becoming one of the most widely used business products, offering internal communications, document sharing and collaboration tools. The increase in popularity is partly due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic forcing businesses to close their offices and transition to remote work. It’s when working from home that digital collaboration tools are essential to keep operations running smoothly. Read More

5 Simple Hacks to Revitalize Sales Management Whilst Boosting Performance

By | Sales

You are hitting your targets and closing more deals than ever but for a winning sales team, this is just not enough. It’s also important to consistently monitor sales performance so that you can spot issues, improve processes, and always keep your sales strategy and goals aligned. To be able to do this, you will need to analyze your team communications and see what high performing team members are doing differently and why some team members need additional support and training.

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Automation for Voicemail – Save Time and Make More Connected Calls

By | Communications, Sales

Leaving an effective voicemail for a prospect isn’t always as simple as it seems. Last week, we shared hints and tips on how you can leave clearer and more concise voicemails, each and every time. However, in order to enhance this process further – can automation help to improve the voicemails that you leave, giving you and your teams more time to make more calls? You can with our voicemail drop feature.

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Improve Your Sales Conversation Skills

By | Communications, Sales

With all types of business communication there is always room to improve and with people’s sales conversations this can certainly be the case.

It is easy when trying to close the big deal to forget some of the basics and slip into the trap of talking too much and firing questions so rapidly your customers feel you are interrogating them.

There are lots of trip hazards in any sales conversation so before your next call remember these simple tips to be more effective.

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Save Time, Sell More

By | Productivity, Sales

I’ve been working in sales for a number of years now and there has always been pressure to sell more, with each quarter your target getting a little higher.  We are naturally competitive and want to beat our colleagues and to be the top salesperson pushing us to strive for more sales.

As the Head of Sales, I have learnt some key skills on how to save time to achieve more sales.

Here are some top tips on how I save time and sell more. Read More