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Quick video: What do customers want?

By | Communications, Customer Experience, Productivity, Sales, Technology
When is the right time to send a text, and when do we want to talk? What can be automated, and what demands the human touch? How are businesses managing these multi-channel communications? And how much do businesses need to adapt their communication strategies for different demographics? We’ve got some pretty interesting stats to show you from our new report that will help you understand what your customers want. Take a look at our quick video.
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New Research Bridges the Gap in Customer Conversations 

By | Communications, Customer Experience, Marketing, Productivity, Sales, Technology
Businesses are in constant dialogue with their customers. The vast majority of this contact is remote, carried out by phone, online or via mobile apps. And the use of these channels to sell and provide customer service will only increase as businesses adapt and evolve during the COVID-19 pandemic to come out fighting the other side. 

With countless communication channels to choose from, it can be a minefield when conversing with customers and understanding what they want 

So, we asked them. 
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CloudCall Power Diallaer

Video – Power Dialler

By | Customer Experience, Product, Productivity, Recruitment, Sales, Technology
Cloudcall’s Power Dialler feature enables you to prioritise call lists, so your teams reach their best prospects first, without scrambling for details. It also stops duplication of effort/ownership of contacts and candidates. Streamline the sales process by automating and simplifying administration, leaving your team more time to engage with customers. See for yourself in our quick video

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Officeworks take its workforce 100% remote with CloudCall for Bullhorn

By | Communications, Customer Experience, Productivity, Technology
OfficeWorks, a search and placement firm, has been helping people get jobs nationwide since 2002 across medical, accounting, and finance industries. After having Bullhorn for over a decade, OfficeWorks started looking at the Bullhorn Marketplace for communications options available to them. We talked to Greg Valenzuela at OfficeWorks, to find out how we helped take its workforce 100% remote with CloudCall for Bullhorn.

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Woman at desk on phone using conversation data

Using conversation data to grow your business

By | Customer Experience

Most companies have an extraordinary amount of information about their customers, but are they really getting the most out of it? If customer information is not easily accessible, it will just sit and gather digital dust. And instead of using conversation data to improve your services, things will become stagnant.

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