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What is CRM: The ultimate guide

By | Technology

For most businesses, their most valuable and important asset is their customers. In the early days at a lot of companies, the details about those customers — who they are, how they’ve interacted with your organization — are spread out in many different places. The CEO’s brain, a sales rep’s inbox, the accountant’s stack of invoices.

As a business grows, it quickly becomes necessary to have one central place where all this information lives.

Your team will be slowed down without quick answers to important questions. Who are our customers? How do we get in touch with them? How do they interact with our content? What does our pipeline of new business look like?

Your prospects and customers feel the pain when your team isn’t on the same page. From their perspective, they have a relationship with one company, not a collection of different people and departments. Everyone on your team needs context about every customer’s needs, wants, and current state. That way, anyone can pick up the conversation when needed.

These are the problems that CRM systems are designed to solve.

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Optimise your home office with CloudCall for Microsoft Teams

By | Product, Remote Working

Working from home comes with some perks. You enjoy a better work-life balance, don’t have to commute to the office and get to work in your pajamas. You can make your home office whatever you want it to be, and you can optimise it to maximise productivity. But, fancy ergonomic chairs, whiteboard calendars and desk organisers can only do so much. In order to really emulate the office experience at home, you need to ensure you have the tools to communicate and collaborate with your team effectively. That’s where CloudCall for Microsoft Teams comes in.

As a result of COVID-19, more teams have taken to working remotely and collaborating via software like Microsoft Teams. In fact, Teams reported astonishing growth from 20 million active users in 2019 to over 75 million in April 2020. And they recently released additional figures which show a record of 2.7 billion meeting minutes in one day. A 200% increase from 900 million in mid-March. Read More

man on laptop discussing the future of communication

How to prepare for the future of communication

By | Technology

At a glance, the way we communicate in the modern day can seem incredibly complicated. But understanding the future of communication is  paramount. Especially when deciding how to continuously engage customers effectively and collaborate with team members.

Technology continues to progress at an astonishing pace. And future innovations could help to unify communication and bring back personal connections. Either that, or they could further complicate and divide our already fragmented systems. To prevent the later from happening, it’s important that we all stay in the loop with new and emerging communication technologies. Read More

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Control your data with communication technology

By | Communications, Recruitment

Over the past few decades, communication technology has evolved enormously. And the sudden increase in remote workers during the Covid19 pandemic has only accelerated this. We now depend on our mobile phones more than every before. So much so in fact, that on average we check them 58 times per day, and 30 of those times are during work hours.

As a result, people are becoming accustomed to fast and easy responses to texts, emails and social media messaging. And while some are taking time to adapt to these new ways of working, others are performing like never before. In fact, research by OpenMarket found that Millennials in particular aren’t at all receptive to traditional forms of communication.  A massive 75% of which prefer to text instead of calling. Similarly, only 24% of emails are being opened. And millions of voicemails are deleted before they’re even listened to!

With a growing Millennial workforce, it’s key that recruiters embrace this mobile-first way of thinking that drives modern communication. When change is embraced, opportunities arise. And recruiters that start conversations and build relationships using the communications channels their candidates prefer will stand a better chance of reaching the top talent before their competitors. Read More

man using headset talking about the future of telephony

How technology is shaping the future of telephony

By | Technology
“When you dial into 2021 make sure it is with systems which meet your needs rather than the other way around.” Callagenix on the future of telephony and dialing in 2021.

At one point in time, the humble telephone was used by businesses simply to make calls. But with advances in technology, they can now do so much more. Modern telephony allows computer-telephony integrations bridge the gap between your telephone system and your data. This helps businesses to handle calls better, drive productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

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