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Boost your sales with Broadcast SMS

By December 22, 2020Sales, Technology

Have your sales team tried broadcast messaging yet? No? Well we’re here to tell you how it can boost your sales.

Broadcast messaging is basically a bulk SMS – just not in a ‘spammy’ way. It’s a great tool to connect with customers, especially when text messages are almost always opened within the first few minutes of receiving them!

In the current climate, there is a lack of not only face-to-face sales, but also the personal connection you can make with your customers. Broadcast messages can transform your sales and also your relationships with your clients.

CloudCall’s feature allows you to create a list of CRM contacts and send out your message, delivered straight to your contact’s, customer’s and client’s mobile phones. If you use Salesforce, you can now send out Broadcast messages straight from there!

Here are just a few of the benefits of Broadcast SMS and how they can boost your sales:

Personalise – personalise your broadcast messages for great customer service.

Connect – connect with clients to build rapport and increase sales.

Update – alert your customers to new updates, products and promotions.

Save time – send a bulk message to save time (and money) instead of individual calls.

We know people are more likely to read a text than answer a call (we’re all guilty of it). For the best response rates, why not try Broadcast Messaging? You can even book a demo with us to try out some of CloudCall’s features.

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