Broadcast Messaging – Texting the masses to boost response rates

Broadcast Messaging – Texting the masses to boost response rates

Reports show that 95% of text messages are opened within three minutes. How are your teams utilizing this new channel? Enable your business to deliver important messages and target key groups, helping to boost response rates. Increase connections with contacts quickly using broadcast messaging. Broadcast messaging provides a cost-effective method of sending bulk text messages to multiple contacts. 

Gain visibility of the conversations that occur with contacts, by logging all text messages. Have more informed and insightful conversations by accessing these interactions from your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. To best utilize this technology, contacts should be able to opt-out from receiving messages, keeping communications within compliance, and easily identifiable within your CRM.

What is broadcast messaging? 

Broadcast messaging, also known as bulk or mass texting, allows users to send a message (as an SMS/text message) to a targeted list of contacts. There are countless ways to utilize bulk texting as a valuable and quantifiable business tool. Increase ROI on communication technology by using broadcast messaging to reach more people, faster.  

Texting delivers real results. 78% of US consumers say receiving a text message is the fastest way to reach them for important service updates and purchases (Vibes). 

How does texting impact recruitment? 

Communicating faster and increasing response rates will help the search for the right candidates and get them placed quickly. Tracking message interactions within your CRM leads to a more personalized 1:1 experience for the candidate, because it allows you to use the most effective channel for each candidate.   

It is essential to keep important candidate information in your organization. By using texting within your CRM/Applicant Tracking System (ATS), if a recruiter leaves your business, the candidate information stays in your database. This helps maintain candidate engagement and keeps your data within your business softwareIn 2019, it is important to utilize mobile technology to enhance the candidate experience. 

How does texting impact sales? 

Sales teams should take note of the open rates that text messaging allows versus email. Texting can be a great way to reach customers quickly and stay on their radar.   

Texting can be a useful professional tool for sales teams for so many reasons, such as converting prospects into customers. There are countless reasons to text sales prospects, check out this blog post for ideas. 

Here are five best practices for texting in business: 

  1. Text within normal business hours
  2. Allow opt-out
  3. Keep it simple and brief
  4. Ask questions that can be answered with a quick response
  5. Don’t use Emojis and GIFs – keep it professional

With CloudCall, text messages and responses are automatically captured as ongoing conversations and stored in your CRM. This provides management teams with an enhanced visibility of all interactions, at every level. Learn more about CloudCall for your CRM.

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