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What is CRM?

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Never heard of CRM? Or perhaps it’s been mentioned and you’re not sure what it actually means. Have no fear, we’ve got you covered so next time you can dazzle your colleagues with your expert knowledge! Read More

Improve customer service with call recording

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We are constantly looking back at what we do and how we can improve. Athletes watch replays of themselves, students take mock exams and directors watch their films back.

Are you bringing this process of looking back to enhance your customer service? If not, you should be!

One of the most useful tools CloudCall offers is call recording. By recording your team’s calls, you create your own library of past calls, for you to pull out and assess the strengths and weaknesses in calls.

Using call recordings for training purposes is not just to show new starters how good (and bad) conversations sound like, but also for your team to constantly be pushing for greater customer service and increasing sales. Even the best can get better.

Listen back to your recordings to address weaknesses and give constructive feedback. Give praise to shine a spotlight on great calls and encourage improvement with your team’s customer service.

“So, Cloudcall, how can I use call recording to improve customer service?” We hear you ask.

Never forget a conversation

We’ve all been there. A customer calls in and everything goes well, they are interested in buying but you forget to write down a crucial piece of info. Never look unprofessional by calling back again! By investing in call recording, you can avoid awkward situations and ensure you do not lose your customer’s business to a competitor.

Address Problems

You can pull specific examples from your calls to help new agents with problem-solving and how to resolve particular issues. Using real-life scenarios to explain how to progress during a conversation can help new hires build up their knowledge. By showing examples of good and difficult interactions, you can broaden their knowledge early on, preparing them for a wider range of conversations.

Understand your customers

Taking a look at the call history of a customer before you contact them, will help you understand them better, building a greater relationship and therefore providing better customer service. You may find that they only have long conversations on Fridays or that they don’t answer the phone in the morning. The data from your call recordings is incredibly useful, allowing you to better understand your customers.

Resolve issues

On the boring (but important) side of things; call recording helps resolve disputes and argue against lawsuits from unhappy customers. Call recordings provide a catalogue of evidence of what customers say and agree to and protects your business from legal costs and headaches down the line.

“But CloudCall, does my business need call recording?” You ask.

We definitely think so, especially if any of the above benefits sound good to you. In the past, call recording was limited to only some of the largest businesses who could afford to pay for the features. However cloud services now make this possible for even the smallest businesses.

Call recording isn’t the only feature CloudCall can provide to you, click here to learn more about our other features.

Boost response rates by using broadcast messaging

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Reports have shown that 95% of text messages are opened within three minutes. How, if at all, are you and your team utilising texts?

We suggest increasing faster communication by using broadcast messaging. It provides a cost-effective method of sending bulk text messages, to multiple clients, contacts, candidates and customers.

Watch our video to find out more.

To try it for yourself, why not book yourself a demo with CloudCall today?

Bust that jargon! The J-L edition

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Confused by CTI jargon? Don’t worry as we’re here to help. Let us guide you through the confusing world of tech speak, with our A-Z Jargon Buster!

This week, we explore J-L and no, we’re not talking about JLo.

If you missed the previous instalments you can catch up with A,B,C here, D,E,F here, and G, H, I here.

If you would like more information on CRM Computer Telephony Integrations, please get in touch with a member of our team.

What is local presence?

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Essentially, local presence is a clever little feature that allows users to make calls using a local phone number. Using local presence can boost the number of calls picked up by customers, clients and candidates as familiar-looking numbers are more likely to be answered. 

Take a look at our short video on local presence below:

Sounds like something you need right? We have lots of great features to make your life easier, so get in touch with a member of our team to find out how CloudCall can help grow your business.

How CloudCall can help you engage with more candidates, faster

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On Tuesday 17th November, CloudCall showcased two masterclasses at the Recruitment Innovation technology Showcase.

Don’t worry if you missed them, as we are posting the videos for you to watch here. We already uploaded our first presentation, on ‘Balancing increased workloads in a multi-channel environment’, which you can find here.

Our second session, again led by our Senior Sales Manager, Josh Martin, explores ‘How CloudCall can help you engage with more candidates, faster’, which also tells you a bit more about our CloudCall for Microsoft Teams integration.

Please view our second showcase below.

Thanks for watching, if you would like to know more about CloudCall, then you can book a demo here.

How CTI can benefit your business

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CTI, or Computer Telephony Integration for the technical ones among us, allows computers to not only interact with a phone system, but move control of the platform to a computerized environment. A lot of long words there, which basically means you can control your calls via your computer!

A CTI links to your existing CRM system, allowing you to capture your texts, calls and instant messages.

There are tonnes of benefits CTI can bring to your business, we have handily listed 3 of them here. You can thank us later.

If you connect your CTI to your CRM, then you can access your entire communications history with that client, no matter the system where the interaction took place.

For example, if your client rings up and asks for more information about the frog painting* you discussed with her on e-mail last week, you can easily pull this up. This makes for a seamless and personable experience for the customer and easier processes for the agent than ever before.

As well as the benefits already mentioned, you can expect cost savings, customer satisfaction improvements and more time and resources to focus on growing your business. No reason for you not to really.

CTI without a CRM integration is only half the story and you will only gain half of the advantages.

To try it for yourself, why not book yourself a demo with CloudCall today?

Recruitment masterclass: the importance of balancing your workload

By | Communications, Productivity

On Tuesday 17th November, CloudCall showcased two masterclasses at the Recruitment Innovation Technology Showcase.

Did you miss them? Not to worry, as we have recorded both digital presentations and will be posting them on our site for you.

The first session, led by our Senior Sales Manager, Josh Martin, explores the topic of ‘Balancing increased workloads in a multi-channel environment’.

In this session, Josh looks at why call volumes are increasing, the challenges that recruiters are facing as a result, as well as explore the ways that recruiters can use technology to balance workloads while enjoying a more effective dialogue with clients and candidates in a multi-channel environment.

Please view the showcase below.

Find that interesting? We knew you would. If you would like to view our second session, ‘How CloudCall can help you engage with more candidates, faster’, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for our next post.

If you would like to know more about CloudCall, then you can book a demo here.

Bust that jargon! The G-I edition

By | Communications, Product, Technology, Training

Researching CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) and come across a whole load of tech speak? Well fear not! We’re here to tell you the ABC’s of the CTI world. And the good news?

G, H and I have arrived.

Allow us to escort you through the confusing world of CTI jargon. If you missed the previous instalments you can catch up with A,B,C here, and D,E,F here. Keep an eye out for J, K and L next week…

If you would like more information on CRM Computer Telephony Integrations, please get in touch with a member of our team.

CloudCall productivity hacks

By | Communications, Productivity

We have three easy ways for you to make more calls, increase pick-up rates and train new hires, through CloudCall. We’d go as far as saying these are ‘life hacks’, dependant on how much you use your phone systems.

You can utilise all three of our hacks to increase your team’s productivity and get the most out of CloudCall.

  1. Speed up your sales process with our Voicemail Drop feature

If your team are making a lot of outbound calls each day, don’t waste valuable time leaving a voicemail each time someone doesn’t pick up the phone. This leads to ‘voicemail fatigue’ (we may have just made this up), meaning the quality of each of the messages can suffer significantly, the more you have to do them.

But fear not! CloudCall is here to save the day. When using our Voicemail Drop feature, when you reach a contact’s answering machine, you can simply click on the Voicemail Drop option, allowing you to leave a pre-recorded voicemail.

This ensures each member of your team are leaving a high-quality voicemail every time. “What about personalisation?” We hear you ask…We’ve covered that too. Before you click on Voicemail Drop, you can add any sort of personalised message you like, then drop your pre-recorded message and the contact will be none the wiser!

With all the extra time your team will save, they can reach a higher overall call volume. Once the voicemail is dropped, the call ends and the agent can move on to their next task.

  1. Increase your pickup rates with local presence

We’re all guilty of it. We see a number calling and they’re based the other side of the country so sometimes we decide not to answer. But when we see a local number and we think hmm, this must be relevant, so we answer the call. Well, welcome to the future, folks!

CloudCall offers our users an option called Local Presence. Using this option allows you to change your caller identity during an outbound call, to get as close to the area code as possible (without them having to get a restraining order).

Having a recognisable area code show up on the client’s phone will increase pick up rates for your team on initial calls. “Is this spoofing?” No, it’s not. Unlike spoofing, which mimics the first six digits of the contact’s phone number (and isn’t a real number), CloudCall offers real numbers.

Purchased from CloudCall, these are real numbers. If your contact tries to call the number back, it will go directly to you or your colleagues instead of not connecting, as it would spoofing.

  1. Help new hires reach full productivity, faster

As if we hadn’t already sold it to you enough – there’s more!

Instead of training your new hires on conference calls or using a call splitter to allow colleagues to train on a call, you can use Call Monitoring to get them up to speed.

In the Supervisor Panel, clicking on a live call will allow Call Monitoring. The Monitor feature will allow you to silently join the call. This allows new agents to listen to calls in real-time without the other agent or the contact being notified in any way. Clever, right?

With Call Monitoring, employees can get comfortable with generic conversations being had without directly interfering with calls. You can also use the Whisper function, allowing you to talk to your new agent whilst they are on a call, offering guidance and support without the contact knowing.

This feature is especially useful in the current climate, where training and development may be taking place remotely. Call Monitoring will make your new colleague feel prepared and more connected to their new team.

Click to find out more about Call Monitoring and how to support your team remotely.

Did we convince you? If you want to take a closer look at what CloudCall has to offer you, you can book in for a demo here.