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Why quality calls are more important than ever: by Ian Moyse, CRO, OneUp Sales

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At CloudCall, we’re pretty passionate about quality phone calls (as you may have noticed).

We talk a lot about how phone calls get results, how you can use your phone system to keep your customers happy and how to unlock the potential of your telephony.

We’re not alone in our passion. Ian Moyse, Chief Revenue Officer at OneUp Sales, a company we have a close partnership with, shares our feelings about quality conversations and why they are more important than ever, he talks in more detail about this in his recent blog. Read More

Broadcast SMS: the simple way to reach your contacts

By | Customer Experience, Product, Productivity, Technology
What is Broadcast SMS I hear you ask… well simply put, it’s a way to send SMS messages to multiple contacts at the same time.

With CloudCall you can send Broadcast Messages with a click of a button, automatically capturing all SMS activity back into your CRM system. This can provide you with visibility into all your teams conversations with their customers. Read More