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5 tools for contact centre leaders

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Are you supporting your contact centre team remotely? CloudCall has some great tools for you to do so with ease.  

Lockdowns have meant that lots of us are working from home. It can be tough for team leaders to keep track of team’s activities remotely. Our Supervisor Panel allows you to monitor your agent’s productivity without being too intrusive.  

Here are just a couple of the ways CloudCall lets you interact with your team’s calls. 

We haven’t yet made a system that can manage your team for you, but we have made one that can assist in managing, mentoring and training your agents, no matter where you are.  

We know how important it is for you to be there for your team whilst working remotely and in uncertain times. Our features do make certain however, that you are able to support your staff, no matter where you or your agents are based.  

How CloudCall gives you the biggest bang for your buck

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It’s vitally important to implement tools and systems that will help you compete in your market. However, it can be overwhelming with new tools arriving on the market every day. Additionally, business owners don’t always have a lot of money to spend on the latest systems, so must carefully consider which tools to invest in. CloudCall provides a powerful communications platform that simplifies your life. Watch our short video which highlights why it’s such an effective system and how it can impact your business.

To discover how CloudCall can help your business get in touch with a member of our team.

5 tools to support remote teams

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Working remotely? Take a look at our top tools for contact centre leaders, so that you can still support your team whilst working at home.

New COVID-19 restrictions have meant that a lot of us are back to working from home. We haven’t (yet) created a vaccine, but we can help you to improve on supporting your team remotely.

We know how important it is for you to keep track of your team’s activities and doing this remotely can be tricky. Our solution offers you a seamless experience as a supervisor; to be able to monitor, manage and train your team during real-time calls.

Here are just a couple of the ways CloudCall lets you interact with your team’s calls. Read More

A Quick Conversation With Raymond Pennie, founder of Kyloe Partners

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Raymond’s background includes accounting, recruitment and IT management before founding Kyloe Partners five years ago. Kyloe partners aim to optimise their client’s use of Bullhorn to reduce costs and speed up the process to drive sales.

In this episode Raymond talks us through the challenges of running a business in Orkney, which is a remote and isolated island to the north of Scotland. He shares his experience of how he built the business and how things progressed to where they are today. Raymond also sheds some light on what it’s like the be a Bullhorn partner, including the benefits he has found when building his own professional network, meeting prospects and attending events.

Listen to the podcast now Read More

Top tips for remote onboarding

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All businesses need productive and proficient employees that can get the job done without constant guidance. A good onboarding schedule is key to getting your new employee up and running in no time. Although, don’t rush it. A good onboarding process can take months.

So, what exactly is remote onboarding?

Onboarding is a sequence of events, normally including training sessions, workshops and calls that allows new employees to get to know their role, their team and the place they sit in the business. Onboarding gives new hires a chance to discover more about the company itself, it’s values, procedures and products or services. The onboarding process is likely to be tailored to fit the role and last several months. Remote onboarding is simply the term used when the business, employee or both are based remotely. Read More

Why call recording is a no brainer for businesses

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If you haven’t got call recording, let us tell you why you need it.

If you care about training and developing your employees, keeping your customers happy or avoiding legal disputes – call recording is a must. Recording customer calls also helps in gaining valuable insights, measuring your effectiveness and improving your sales strategy. Read More

Improve sales now: 4 tips to motivate your remote sales team using call analytics

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Call analytics are simply a collection of data that is measured and reported from phone call records. The key to success is using these analytics to track the efficiency of sales teams, using the insights to optimise call quality, call handling and to set key performance indicators (KPIs). In a remote working environment, it is more important than ever to keep updated on how a team is performing.  Read More