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Improve customer service with call recording

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We are constantly looking back at what we do and how we can improve. Athletes watch replays of themselves, students take mock exams and directors watch their films back.

Are you bringing this process of looking back to enhance your customer service? If not, you should be!

One of the most useful tools CloudCall offers is call recording. By recording your team’s calls, you create your own library of past calls, for you to pull out and assess the strengths and weaknesses in calls.

Using call recordings for training purposes is not just to show new starters how good (and bad) conversations sound like, but also for your team to constantly be pushing for greater customer service and increasing sales. Even the best can get better.

Listen back to your recordings to address weaknesses and give constructive feedback. Give praise to shine a spotlight on great calls and encourage improvement with your team’s customer service.

“So, Cloudcall, how can I use call recording to improve customer service?” We hear you ask.

Never forget a conversation

We’ve all been there. A customer calls in and everything goes well, they are interested in buying but you forget to write down a crucial piece of info. Never look unprofessional by calling back again! By investing in call recording, you can avoid awkward situations and ensure you do not lose your customer’s business to a competitor.

Address Problems

You can pull specific examples from your calls to help new agents with problem-solving and how to resolve particular issues. Using real-life scenarios to explain how to progress during a conversation can help new hires build up their knowledge. By showing examples of good and difficult interactions, you can broaden their knowledge early on, preparing them for a wider range of conversations.

Understand your customers

Taking a look at the call history of a customer before you contact them, will help you understand them better, building a greater relationship and therefore providing better customer service. You may find that they only have long conversations on Fridays or that they don’t answer the phone in the morning. The data from your call recordings is incredibly useful, allowing you to better understand your customers.

Resolve issues

On the boring (but important) side of things; call recording helps resolve disputes and argue against lawsuits from unhappy customers. Call recordings provide a catalogue of evidence of what customers say and agree to and protects your business from legal costs and headaches down the line.

“But CloudCall, does my business need call recording?” You ask.

We definitely think so, especially if any of the above benefits sound good to you. In the past, call recording was limited to only some of the largest businesses who could afford to pay for the features. However cloud services now make this possible for even the smallest businesses.

Call recording isn’t the only feature CloudCall can provide to you, click here to learn more about our other features.

Boost response rates by using broadcast messaging

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Reports have shown that 95% of text messages are opened within three minutes. How, if at all, are you and your team utilising texts?

We suggest increasing faster communication by using broadcast messaging. It provides a cost-effective method of sending bulk text messages, to multiple clients, contacts, candidates and customers.

Watch our video to find out more.

To try it for yourself, why not book yourself a demo with CloudCall today?

What is local presence?

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Essentially, local presence is a clever little feature that allows users to make calls using a local phone number. Using local presence can boost the number of calls picked up by customers, clients and candidates as familiar-looking numbers are more likely to be answered. 

Take a look at our short video on local presence below:

Sounds like something you need right? We have lots of great features to make your life easier, so get in touch with a member of our team to find out how CloudCall can help grow your business.

3 reasons you need call recording

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When you hear the term ‘call recording’, what springs to mind? Is it James Bond listening to a villain’s call via a secret pen? Is it a dodgy journalist hacking a phone? No matter your preconceptions, the truth is call recording is a great feature for your business and we are here to tell you why.

Call recording allows you to record and store a library of your past calls, providing you easy access to any call you like, at any time. You can use your call library to train new employees, assess the productivity of your team and to boost sales and set personalised goals. Read More

Motivate your sales team with analytics

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Ensuring productivity can be hard, but especially so if your team is working remotely. CloudCall has some amazing features (if we do say so ourselves), that help you to motivate your sales team.

Using call analytics will help you to track the productivity of your agents, use insights to improve call quality and assist you in creating individual goals and KPI’s for your sales team.

Sales teams are an essential part of your business, so why not use your agent’s day-to-day calls to enhance and increase your sales? We do!

Take a look below to see how our features can help you motivate your team:

By using the above features, you can tailor goals for each individual, to then effectively motivate your team to hit their KPI’s.

Our industry leading cloud-based phone system fully integrates with existing CRM systems, such as Salesforce, to make your life easier.

If you would like to know more, you can explore our CRM integrations or book a demo here.

Part 2: essential tools for your sales team and why you need them

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Part 2 of our essential tools for sales teams focuses on 5 more important elements that can help your sales team grow; from screen pops to call recording. Find out more in our infographic:

Take a look back at part 1 of essential tools for your sales team here. Get in touch with a member of our team to discuss how CloudCall”s features could benefit your sales team by requesting a call back or booking a demo.

7 ways a CRM system can help you improve sales

By | Sales, Technology
Whatever the size of your business, a CRM system can be a huge advantage. In fact, according to Salesforce, CRM applications can help increase sales by up to 29%, sales productivity by up to 34% and sales forecast accuracy by 42%.

To get an idea of just how valuable a CRM system is for your business, you need to understand the reasons it can lead to improve sales. Read More

Part 1: essential tools for your sales team and why you need them

By | Product, Sales, Technology

Part 1 of our guide to essential tools for sales teams focuses on 5 key elements that can help your sales team thrive. A business phone system that integrates directly into your CRM is a great way to ensure all important data is held in one place; ready for your team members to access easily when they need it most.

Keep an eye out for part 2 of essential tools for your sales team. Talk to a member of our knowledgeable team about how CloudCall”s features could benefit your sales team by requesting a call back or booking a demo.

5 priorities for better customer conversations

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What can you do to deliver a positive experience for your customers? In our latest research we uncovered the main priorities businesses highlighted to ensure they could provide the best customer service. Take a look at the 5 priorities in our infographic.

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