CloudCall for Microsoft Teams keeps you & remote colleagues connected

CloudCall for Microsoft Teams keeps you connected with remote colleagues

You can now use CloudCall with Microsoft Teams! We have designed our latest feature with your connectivity in mind; allowing you to access the information you need to work together efficiently. You can find out more about our Teams integration here.

CloudCall’s new feature allows us to integrate with Microsoft Teams, providing users with the tools to search their CRM systems contacts and make calls from directly within Microsoft Teams. All calls take place within your CRM system, so all our great features are still available for you to use.

Take a look at our infographic about the benefits of CloudCall for Microsoft Teams:

  • CloudCall recreates the office experience and empowers employees to communicate with their colleagues.
  • CloudCall contact cards can be sent and added to conversations within Teams; helpful for teams who collaborate on deals and opportunities.
  • Users can then open the contact’s record within the CRM to familiarize themselves with all relevant information.
  • Share CloudCall contact cards on Teams meetings when discussing clients and prospects.
  • In a nutshell, CloudCall for Teams allows staff to access all of the information needed to work efficiently and provide exceptional service to clients and customers.

To discover how CloudCall for Microsoft Teams can keep your remote workers stay connected get in touch with us here or request a callback.

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