CloudCall empowers Pure Cremation to work from anywhere.

CloudCall and Pure Cremation

 Pure Cremation is the UK’s leading provider of unattended direct cremations, a new segment in the funeral sector. The company was established in 2015 and has grown over the last six years and now employs over 100 staff over four sites around the UK, with their head office in Andover in Hampshire.

The Challenge

Before investing in CloudCall for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Bryan and the team at Pure Cremation struggled with accessibility and their data.
Access to call recordings, data capture and client information was scarce and difficult to retrieve. Their existing systems lacked integration with their CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365.

“We had so much hardware sitting around on people’s desks. We wanted to simplify not just our systems, but also physically reduce what we had and CloudCall allowed us to do that and more.”
– Bryan Powell, Managing Director, Pure Cremation Group Ltd.

The Solution

Pure Cremation’s main reason for choosing CloudCall was the seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Instead of being chained to a busy and messy office space, CloudCall, along with the integration with Pure Cremation’s existing CRM system, allowed employees to be much more flexible with where and how they work.

“One of the great things about using CloudCall, is that our employees can now work from anywhere.”

Bryan Powell, Managing Director,
Pure Cremation Group Ltd

The Benefits

Bryan and the team at Pure Cremation have only been using CloudCall’s integration for a few months, but are already reaping the benefits.
“Well for starters, there’s much more space on the desks!” Bryan said.
“By using the softphone alongside the integration, we are seeing much better record keeping within Microsoft Dynamics 365. There’s much more ease of access for call recordings and managers can drop in on live calls much easier.”
For Pure Cremation, the record keeping within the CRM system is key, with being able to automatically put notes into the system being a winning feature for them. Click-to-dial and Call Recordings were other essential and useful tools that CloudCall has provided to their business.

“Now, with just a computer and headset, our employees are just a couple of clicks away from being connected.”
– Bryan Powell, Managing Director, Pure Cremation Group Ltd.

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