Stage 3 of Your CloudCall Journey

Business Adoption: Maximize Your CRM Experience

One of the key considerations when purchasing new software is how to optimize your user adoption. When you purchase CloudCall, we make sure that each of your employees becomes a confident CloudCall user through CTI training and additional resources. This gives you the ability to reap the benefits from CloudCall, sooner.


At CloudCall, we know how important it is for users to adopt the software that you purchase. More importantly, that they are able to use it with proficiency. We offer training courses with a variety of learning paths and training styles. With this, every employee becomes a confident and competent user of your CloudCall solution.

Choosing the correct CTI training program is a key factor that will help you to get the maximum value from CloudCall. Before you decide, we’ll be happy to discuss each option, understand how your team is trained and discover the training methods that are effective for your team.

Dedicated Online Training

Live training is provided via online conferencing tools. We will conduct online training so that you can fully understand how to use CloudCall’s many features. We’ll also be on-hand to answer any questions that you may have. This live training is tailored and customized specifically for your business. We ensure that disruption is minimized, while you’re implementing your CloudCall solution.

Onsite Training and Installation

We offer ‘Onsite Training and Installation’, where we’ll be on-hand to install your new solution and hardware, onsite. We conduct user training while on-site, focusing on practical examples and covering essential aspects. With onsite training, your team will be poised for success. Training takes place during this period so that your business will experience limited disruption.

CloudCall Academy

The ‘CloudCall Academy’ is an easy-to-access and informative learning center about all things CloudCall. The training portal makes it really simple for your team to learn more about CloudCall. It is packed with training modules and additional downloadable resources on all of the great CloudCall functionality available.

Aftercare – Thank You for Choosing CloudCall

Once you have chosen CloudCall and you’re finally up and running, we will continue to monitor your systems.  We will also be available to answer any questions that you may have. At this stage, your Account will be managed by a member of the CloudCall Customer Success and Account Management teams. They will be provided with the full details of your account and the implementation practices that have taken place.

As you begin your journey with CloudCall, the Customer Success team will have a strong understanding of your business’s objectives and will be your direct point of contact. They can provide additional training, support, and help, if needed, to ensure that your business achieves its objectives in the early stages of your CloudCall installation. Your Account Manager is there to help you manage your CloudCall account and your users, to make sure that you continue to pay for a cost-effective solution.

We have a dedicated team of Support Engineers, who are available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have throughout your contract with us. Our support team can be reached by phone, email or online chat – so you’ll have the resolutions to your queries as soon as possible.