CloudCall turns your
Salesforce® CRM into a powerful communications solution.

Call functionality and data is easily accessible from one system - offering you greater business visibility, helping to increase productivity and reduce manual errors.

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CloudCall for the Salesforce Lightning Experience

“M.C. Partners have been a CloudCall customer for nearly 3 years. As the Salesforce Manager at M.C. Partners, one of my main priorities has been migrating to the Salesforce Lightning Experience and making sure that all of our solutions integrate well with this. With CloudCall, the process of upgrading to the CloudCall for Salesforce Lightning plugin has been very simple and straightforward – it only took a few minutes, from start to finish! Throughout this process, we received a lot of support from the CloudCall team who have been very knowledgeable and supportive about our upgrade, guiding us through every step of the process and provided detailed explanation on the features, the new UI and how it works.”

“CloudCall has saved our users time and made them more efficient. Making calls with a single click and having the ability to save and record calls directly into Salesforce has massively benefited our users. Moreover, the integration has helped our business to store our customer and client communications in one place – which has been hugely beneficial! We would be happy to recommend CloudCall because of the great customer service that they offer.”

- Swapnil Patne, Salesforce Manager at M.C. Partners

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Popular Features
that will boost your business’s efficiency and customer experience

CloudCall Go!

CloudCall Go! provides you with an easy, flexible way to reach your CRM contacts directly from your mobile device and is the perfect solution for users that are constantly on the move - helping you to present a professional business presence, wherever you are.


Allows users to initiate calls directly by clicking the customer’s records within the CRM, increasing user efficiency.

a Voicemail

Additional Feature

With an estimated 40% of all out-going calls going to voicemail, Voicemail Drop can save users valuable time that can be used to make more calls. Each user can have up to 5 pre-recorded messages that can be left with a click of a button. The user can leave a carefully composed pre-recorded message and are free to move on to their next call.

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Screen Pops

Receive pop-up alerts with links to customer records. This helps to reduce call handling times and gives users an increased awareness of the caller’s id and account.

Telephony System

CloudCall is one of the world’s most integrated cloud-based communications systems. It is suitable for businesses that want an easy to deploy, scalable and sophisticated telephony infrastructure, as it is a cloud-based PBX that does not require any additional equipment purchase or installation.

CRM Integration

CloudCall’s functionality can integrate smoothly with CRM systems, providing you with contact centre software straight from your CRM.

Real-time Performance
Analytics and Dashboards

Provides clear and unlimited access to users’ activities which can be used to drive and improve results. CloudCall measures the team’s performance down to each individual.

CRM Sync
on the Move

All inbound and outbound call records, notes, categories and recordings are saved and synced into your CRM, using our telephony integration.

Log, Record
& Replay Calls

Automatically log, record and replay calls using CloudCall’s call recording software. This reduces business risk, enhances the customer experience and is also beneficial for training purposes. With advanced call recording, users can pause and resume call recordings while collecting sensitive information. This is beneficial if your business needs assistance with PCI DSS compliance.


Additional Feature

Our Progressive Dialler/Dialer will automatically dial outbound calls from prepared lists greatly improving productivity of your outbound calling teams.

CloudCall Features
on any Website

All of CloudCall’s functionality - available using Google Chrome. The CloudCall Chrome extension provides cloud telephony services by directly linking webpages to your phone and CRM system - syncing all calls and notes automatically.

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Call Distribution

Additional Feature

Our ACD functionality queues and distributes inbound calls to the next available team member. Helping to reduce waiting times and improve customer experience.


Additional Feature

On the days when your business experiences high call volumes, Queue Callback helps to improve your customer’s experience by letting them choose between requesting a callback or leaving a voicemail. These callers are automatically added to an outbound call campaign where they are contacted by the next available team member. This solution has been built to tailor for your business’s needs.

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Monitor, Whisper,

Additional Feature

These controls allow supervisors to monitor on-going calls for an increased awareness of the customer’s experience and enhanced customer resolution rates. This call management feature allows supervisors to listen in and join users’ conversations.


Additional Feature

Did you know that people are four times more likely to answer calls from local numbers?* This helps to ensure that your business has more conversations, leading to increased sales. Local Presence allows you to dynamically display a number that is local to the destination that you are calling.

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*Statistic from

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