CloudCall Specification

In order to use CloudCall you will require basic package, which you can extend with additional features. You can use CloudCall with your current telephony provider or switch to us and use one of our great value call packages.

Outbound Features
  Click to Call Click to initiate calls directly from your applications.
  Initiate Calls from Any Website When using the Chrome plug-in, click-to-call on any number within your Chrome browser
  Wholesale Call Rates Competitive call packages available to suit your business needs
  Outbound Campaigns Agents can load in their own calling list. Campaigns are also available for multi-agents using the Progressive dialler/dialer which automatically dials outbound calls from prepared lists
  Voicemail Drop Leave a pre-recorded voicemail with the click of a button
Inbound Features
  Screen Pop Inbound calls will initiate a ‘screen pop’ with links to the caller’s records
  Call Forwarding Automatically forward incoming calls to another device.
  Auto Attendant/IVR Distribute inbound calls to relevant groups or departments.
  Automated Inbound Calling Campaigns Distributes inbound callers to the right group
  Call Queueing Inbound Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) solution that helps to greatly improve and report on the effectiveness of your customer service and other inbound call initiatives
  Queue Callback Callers can choose to request a callback or leave a voicemail, instead of staying in a call queue
  Time of Day routing Select where your calls go at certain times of day – great for when you have meetings or are travelling to and from appointments.
  Follow-Me Service Have your calls ring your devices in the order you prefer so you never miss a call.
  Call Barring Easily block calls from unwanted numbers.
  Calling and 'Hunt' Groups Add multiple users to specific ‘hunt groups’ with defined areas of responsibility
  Detailed Call Reporting Real-time KPI reporting on all inbound and outbound calls.
  Real-time Dashboards View information such as active and missed calls and distribution of total calls between agents in real-time.
  Supervisor Panel Allows management to monitor and interact with live calls - ideal for training and monitoring encouraging a best practice approach
In Call Features
  Call Controls Buttons available to Hold/Mute/Conference/Pause Recording within your CRM.
  Call Recording Record and store calls within your database. PCI Compliant call recording available and can be retained for 12 months
  Call Transfer Transfer a call to a known contact or new number.
  Monitor, Whisper, Barge Allows supervisor’s to monitor on going calls, guide agents whilst on the call and if necessary take control of the call.
  Click-to-Conference Add other contacts to your call with the click of a button
Other Functionality
  Online Presence Set your presence to available or unavailable for calls.
  Customer Portal Manage your CloudCall telephony system, access reporting, dashboards and call recordings straight from the Portal.
  Call Logs Capture all call information such as call category, notes and recording
  CRM Integration Call functionality and call information is available for your CRM
  Browser Plugin Extend CloudCall functionality to any website using the Chrome browser
  Mobile Ready Calls from mobile devices are logged, recorded and synced to your database
  Primary Phone Number Ability to have a central phone number for the company which can be assigned to an IVR or a hunt group.
  Personal Voicemail Stored and retrieved via IP handset, Customer Portal or delivered via email.
  Disaster Recovery Using our cloud based solution means that your data is always safe.
  Abbreviated Dialing Making internal calls simply dial the last 4 digits to contact a colleague.
  Configurable Extension numbers Have the extension numbers set up to match your business needs.
  Connect New or Existing Phones via SIP or PSTN No need to replace your current hardware.
  Real-time Billing Management Interface includes real time bill information so you are always up to date with your call costs.
  Company Address Book Have all your extensions listed with easy access for everyone.
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