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Create Valuable Conversations with Integrated IM

By September 5, 2019Technology

When you look around the office, there is a common activity taking place that we probably take for granted: CONVERSATION! Conversations, even quick chats, are critical for day-to-day communication. But how much of a chat do you remember? How many of the key components of the conversation are you able to recall and use in a meaningful way?  

Probably not as much you think. As teams become more global and virtual, new ways of working such as IM are being introduced to ensure that meaningful conversations are captured.  

Instant messaging (IM) has become an increasingly crucial piece of the internal communications mix for many organizations. IM changes how colleagues and teams interact and make decisions. IM has been around for a while in various forms. Now, the value of IM conversations can be captured. Insights gained from quick chats can be put to good use for making business decisionsReal value can be created by IM (besides team building).  

Another benefit of IM? You can connect and interact with lots of people simultaneously without having to organize conference calls or hold extra meetings. IM is a great way to informally bring groups of people together and collaborateHowever, it’s important to ensure that informality doesn’t result in losing crucial information.  

By moving your IM technology inside your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, you have an opportunity to attach IM chat threads to specific individuals or cases

It’s also helpful is to utilize an internal IM chat with a colleague or manager during a call. Imagine being able to get expert advice at the same moment you have a customer with a problem on the line. Message an expert and pose the customer’s questions and get the answers you need without having to delay or hinder the customer experience. 

It’s crucial that your entire team uses the same tool to keep collaboration consistent. It’s also key that you encourage participation by moving conversations into your IM tool to bring all stakeholders into the fold. 

IM will never replace face-to-face interaction, but it can be a complementary channel to bring groups of people and teams together. You should absolutely be embracing IM as a conversation tool in your business. 

Want to learn more about integrating IM into your CRM? Book a demo with CloudCall to discover the benefits of unified communications. 

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