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CRM integration – what functionality does it offer?

Your business is growing, you have a full team to support, and many customers to speak to. Great news! 

Now let’s talk about your CRM… Are you using it to its full potential? Did you know that a CTI can bring out the best in your CRM?  

If you’ve never heard of CTI, don’t worry, we’re experts when it comes to CTI. (This is the perfect time to plug our Jargon Buster – it makes it so simple to keep track of telephony vocab!) 

A Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) enables interactions on a telephone and a computer to be integrated. In a nutshell, it’s what we do and it’s everything you’ll ever want, trust us! 

Find out more about the functionality a CRM integration can provide your business, below:  

Integrated calls and SMS  

Computer Telephony Integration brings together all your calls and texts and connects them to the CRM.  

Billing and invoicing  

Simplify billing, invoicing and other accounting processes by connecting them to your CRM.  

Surveys and data collection  

Integrate a survey platform with your CRM and all the results will be automatically saved in the right place.  

Advanced analytics 

If your CRM’s analytics are not as powerful as you need, an integration will provide more detailed approach for a data driven businesses.  

Email and calendar  

Some integrations will synchronize your email and calendar with your CRM to help make the most out of the platforms.  

Marketing automation  

Integrating marketing automation with your CRM helps improve productivity, prioritize leads and cut costs. Are you starting to realize your business could benefit from the functionality of a CRM integration? It’s a no brainer.  


Download our eGuide ‘CloudCall’s guide to CRM systems and integrations’ or book a demo with a member of our team today.  

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