Hear What Our Customers Say About Us:

CloudCall helps over 33,000 users turn their communications into intelligent data that enables them to make better, more insightful decisions, build relationships, and get more done faster.

Jason Smith 2:33

VP Enterprise Solutions, Bullhorn
“If you’re not integrating your phone system into your CRM, you’re already behind the times.”

Gene Brown 3:48

CEO, OfficeWorks
“All you need is a laptop and internet connectivity.”

Marcus Headicar 7:29

Head of Operations, Harnham
“Having CloudCall available globally has been a lifesaver.”

Paul Hansen 1:25

Chairman/CEO, Millennium Consulting
“Members of the team found they have more time to be able to have quality conversations.”

Matt Dickens 3:29

Sales Director, Astute Technical
“Productivity has definitely improved since using CloudCall.”

Mike Restivo 2:25

CRO, Bullhorn
Mike describes his experiences in driving deployment and adoption of CloudCall for his teams.

Huffmaster Increases
Outreach by over 150%

Huffmaster upgraded from their previous phone platform to CloudCall. With this integrated solution, Huffmaster has been able to increase mobility, accountability, and insight.

Connexion Increases Candidate Response Rates

Connexion Systems + Engineering, founded in 1999, is a professional staffing firm providing full-service recruitment capabilities across the US. Connexion provides their team with the most up to date technology solutions, which led them to CloudCall.

OfficeWorks takes workforce 100% remote with Cloudcall for Bullhorn

Now with CloudCall, OfficeWorks can scale quickly by adding remote users and have completely eliminated their physical office, without losing visibility into their team’s performance.

Resource 1 - Outdated Tools to a Dynamic Enterprise Platform

Building on their enterprise architecture, Resource 1 sought out a solution that would enhance productivity with advanced communication features for their recruiting and sales teams.

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