Do You Push the Buttons? How to Get the Most Out of Your CTAs.

Do You Push the Buttons? How to Get the Most Out of Your CTAs.

By June 18, 2015Marketing

Understanding the impact of the design, text and positioning of your website’s Call to Action (CTA) is essential for maximising the amount of leads that are generated via your website.

However, before you focus on the design of the CTA, you first need to investigate your Marketing funnel to see what stage your leads are in, and what you would want them to do next.


A potential customer has just visited your home page for the first time and would like to understand more about your product. Having a CTA to ‘BUY NOW’ may put them off. Instead, why not try ‘LEARN MORE’ and see if this entices them to move on to the next stage of the buyer journey.

It is important to remember that your CTA isn’t just used to close the deal. It is also intended as a guideline to help to guide your audience through a specific journey.

Once you’ve decided on the ideal buyer journey, our top tips can help your CTA design stand out so that your customers will just have to push!

Think about the Language. Use verbs and make them compelling.  For example, ‘Download Your Free Copy’ vs. ‘Download’. Which would you choose?

Make Sure Your Prospects Won’t Miss Them – Place your CTAs in a clear section on your website so that they are visible to your prospects, should they choose to take the next step in the buyer’s journey.  Ensure that the language is in context with the rest of your content. Your audience won’t want to work to find out how to move on.  If it isn’t obvious, they may just click away.

Make them Stand Out. – Use a contrasting colour from the background of your website as well as a contrasting colour for your text. If they blend into the background, they can easily be ignored.

For Multiple CTAs – Try not to group them together for ‘competing’ CTAs. How would your prospects know which button to click? Sometimes it’s better not to give your prospects a choice. This not only makes it easier for you to guide them on their journey in learning more about your product or service, it also helps to lessen confusion for your prospects.

Testing, 1.2.3 – It is important to test your CTA buttons. Does a certain colour work better than others? What about the language and its position on your website? Does it lead your prospects to the right stages?

It is essential to put clear CTAs on your website. You can use them to gauge the level of interest that your prospects have in your product and service and in future, can see which CTAs perform best, so that these can be added throughout your website and can help you generate more leads.

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