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Engage, Engage, Engage. More Engage.

“Collaborate, innovate, inspire” – three keywords that were prevalent at Marketo’s Marketing Nation Roadshow event in London, last week. Walking into the hall at 155 Bishopsgate, both Lukasz and I didn’t really know what to expect.

There was a certain buzz in the air, an excitement about the things that we’d be hearing, the things that we’d be seeing, the insights that we’d be gaining – the smoothies on arrival also helped! And we were definitely inspired. Having talked about our experiences with Marketo, we were eager to find out, from industry experts as well as fellow Marketo users, what else we could do and gain from using the software.


The welcome address from Alan Banks (MD EMEA, Marketo and fellow Welsh rugby fan) and the opening keynote from Sanjay Dholakia (CMO, Marketo) kept us all ENGAGED (remember this keyword, it turns up a lot) by practicing his rugby throws, in between telling us about using Engagement Marketing to build personalised and lifelong relationships with potential customers. More importantly, they got us thinking about this:

As marketers, we often assume that we know the best, most informative journeys that potential customers should take, on their way to buying a product or service. But, according to Sanjay, with up to 90% of the buyer’s journey being self-driven – are you sure that the messages that they are receiving during this process are the right ones that will push them to buy?

The Future of Marketing – Engage

Gone are the days when Marketing was seen as the ‘colouring and make stuff look pretty’ department. With access to data and insights about prospect and customer activities, as well as automation tools such as Marketo, the power now lies in the hands of marketers. Marketers are now seen as the custodians of the customer’s journey and it can be argued, are therefore driving the entire mission of an organisation. After all, what is a business, without its customers? This focus on long-term customer relationships and engagement was the key message of the day.

So how can you engage with your customers and prospects better?

  • Personalise messages: an awareness of who your buyers are and the information that they look for is key, in order for this to succeed. There are tools such as Marketo and Lead Forensics that can deduce who your website visitors are, whilst tools such as Google Analytics can offer insights on the pages that they are interested in. Being aware of your visitors can help you tailor the content that is made available on all of your channels and engage with them.
  • Speaking of channels…: engage with your prospects everywhere they are. If your prospects and customers spend a lot of time on social media sites, on your website, email or phone, make sure that you have a presence in these channels and are actively engaging with them.
  • Time of response: we’re not Superman, we can’t be everywhere at once. But there are ways to increase a business’s response time, when it comes to its customers and prospects. Why not link all of your systems together – your marketing automation, CRM system and your phone. Using notifications, alerts and diallers, you’ll be notified whenever your customers want to talk to you and can engage with them, as soon as possible.

We learned a lot that day – from how to be a Marketing Ironman and how to ‘break the internet’ and tips and tricks from businesses that have done it all before. Can we go again next year please?

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