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Event Essentials – Time Management

By September 3, 2015Marketing, Sales

Having never attended Dreamforce before, I’m not entirely sure what to expect. I’ve been told by colleagues who have been to Dreamforce, about the scale of the event and have already been warned that I should manage my time wisely. Having had a look at the agenda and the available sessions on www.salesforce.com/dreamforce, I can see why.

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Why Time Management is an Event Essential…

As a Partner Account Manager for SYNETY, I get many opportunities to meet with our partners throughout the year. Many of these partners will be attending Dreamforce, which provides me with a great opportunity to meet with them and continue to develop our relationship during the event. Events like Dreamforce allow us to catch up with the latest developments within their companies and vice versa. This is an important aspect of being a Partner Account Manager, being aware of changes and updates to our Partner’s products is crucial to maintaining synergy between the two businesses and to ensure that the two offerings remain compatible, offering a great service to our joint customers.  Dreamforce is also a great arena to explore new partnerships and expose our product to new audiences.

It isn’t just about networking and building new partners – it is important to remember that events like Dreamforce have extensive agendas about the industry. It looks into trends and discusses visions of what the future may hold.  Attendance to these seminars are essential in ensuring that, as a business, we remain forward-thinking and keep up with the fast pace of changes.

As a newcomer to Dreamforce, I have set up a diary to mark in the seminars I must attend and detail meetings that I have set up, to ensure that I don’t miss any must-see seminars but, more importantly, that I am not double booked!

As a woman working in the technology industry, I am really looking forward to the Women’s leadership keynote where Susan Wojcicki, amongst others, will discuss the role of women in leadership roles in technology.

Other highlights to the event include the keynote that discusses the ‘Lightning Experience’ and the new Salesforce, which is set to discuss how you can leverage your competitive advantage through the use of technology.

I have attended many an exhibition and have found them to be a huge benefit when looking for new partners and understanding trends within the industry.  Dreamforce is an event on another scale, so I am packing my comfy shoes so that I am able to make the most of the 4 day event and meet with as many partners and explore lots of new opportunities.

During Dreamforce, I will be joining our partner, Jobscience at the Press Club. Come and join me for a drink and a chat and take a break during the event. Why not schedule a meeting with me on http://www.jobscience.com/dreamforce-2015/

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