Flexible Working During Holidays

Flexible Working During Holidays

Flexibility is important for teams who travel during the holiday season, when winter weather and visiting family across the country, might prevent them from being able to get to the office. So, it’s important that they have the tools to be able to work from where ever they are.

And working remotely shouldn’t mean giving up management visibility if you implement the right strategy.

Here are some ways to enhance flexible working over the holiday period:


Go mobile with your CRM

Your employees don’t bring home their desk phones. Make sure they stay connected by setting up call forwarding and voicemail to email. Having a mobile app is useful as well, for teams to call and text CRM contacts on the go.

Reduce distractions

You can’t filter out annoying questions from those distant relatives staying with you for the holidays, but it can be easier than you think to filter out digital distractions. If you are concerned about the distractions your remote teams might face, suggest tools for them such as Cold Turkey, which blocks and limits digital distractions such as Facebook. They’ll thank you later.

Access anything, anywhere

Make sure that your teams can access their work contacts easily. Your recruiters can access their CRM from their laptops, so why shouldn’t they access their phones? Keep your valuable information connected to your CRM and your company, enabling your teams to access the best candidates with their work phone, no matter where they are.


Employees working from home during the holidays need certain tools to be productive. More importantly, those tools should sync together for maximum efficiency. Consider implementing (or improving) CTI to improve your remote workflows. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is technology that allows computers to interact with a phone system. By having a successful CTI solution, you can improve remote performance with measurable KPIs relating to call records.


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