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Get the Most out of CloudCall with These 3 Productivity Hacks

Here are three easy ways to use CloudCall to make more calls, increase pick up rates and train new hires. Utilize all three ‘hacks’ to increase overall team productivity and get the most out of CloudCall.

1. Speed up the sales process and save valuable time with the CloudCall Voicemail Drop feature

If you have recruiters or salespeople who are making a lot of outbound calls, don’t have them waste 30 seconds on every contact by leaving a voicemail. This leads to ‘voicemail fatigue’ and the quality of each message can suffer significantly.

With CloudCall’s Voicemail Drop feature, once you reach a contact’s answering machine you can simply click on the Voicemail Drop option and leave a prerecorded voicemail. This ensures that every rep is leaving a high-quality voicemail every time. Saving 30 seconds per call adds up over time. With extra time, reps can reach a higher overall call volume.

Once the voicemail is dropped, the call ends, and the sales rep (or recruiter) can move on to their next task.

2. Increase pick up rates with local presence

CloudCall offers an option called ‘Local Presence’. This is an option to change your caller identity during an outbound call to get as close to the client’s area code as possible. Having a number show up to the client from an area they recognize will increase pickup rates on initial calls.

“Is this spoofing?” No, it’s not. Unlike spoofing, which mimics the first six digits of the prospects phone number (and isn’t a real phone number), CloudCall offers real numbers. Purchased from CloudCall, these are real phone numbers that your company will have access to. If a customer tries to call back, it will go directly to your rep instead of not connecting, as if it was spoofing.

3. Help new hires reach full productivity, faster

Instead of training new hires on conference calls or buying a call splitter to allow new hires to join into a call, you can use Call Monitoring to get them up to speed.

In the CloudCall Supervisor Panel, clicking on a co-worker’s call will prompt the pop-up window. Featured in this window is the button that will allow Call Monitoring.* The M stands for Monitor and it will allow you to silently join the call. This function allows new reps to listen to calls in real-time without the rep or client being notified in any way, shape or form. With Call Monitoring, employees can get comfortable with conversational selling without interfering with calls.

Another benefit of using Call Monitoring for training? Senior sales reps can spend more time selling.

*Remember to allow new hires access to the Monitor feature within the supervisor panel.

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