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What Good Are Your Case Studies If No One Reads Them?

Last week, Leah wrote about what makes an effective case study. It’s no easy feat to create a compelling and informative case study, so once you have one don’t let it go unnoticed. Let’s consider some great ways to get your case study to the right people.

On your site
You probably have a dedicated section of your website for customer success stories and testimonials. That’s great! Just make sure it’s easy to find. You need to make sure prospective customers come across a case study before they are even looking for one. Or if they are searching one out, it needs to be easy to find.

Make sure your case study page is organized in a way that is easy to navigate. You could organize it by company size or industry, whatever makes the most sense for your company and customers.

Also, don’t just rely on prospects visiting your testimonial page, you need to integrate case studies and videos throughout your website. For example, on our site, we have pages for different industries, and at the bottom there is a relevant case study.

Email signatures
Your sales team sends so many emails a day, so why not have a link to a case study in their email signature? It’s a great and subtle way to get the case study in front of prospects.

Nurture campaigns
If a prospect comes in from an event or downloading a piece of content, a case study can be a great follow up offer. Build your case studies into your nurture program. If you know someone is already interested, a case study is a great way to nurture their interest.

Printed collateral
This is a very particular use case, but in the right environment a printed case study can be useful. If you have a small roundtable event, user group or networking event, having a few printed case studies could be useful to hand out – in addition to other more general marketing collateral.

Tailored email blast
If you have a new case study for a particular industry, send it in an email to prospects in a similar field. It will show them exactly how the product can work for their specific needs.

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