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Harness the power of your data with a CRM integration

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a must have for so many businesses. Perhaps the greatest improvement a CRM system can provide is a massive increase in the quality and quantity of data that can be captured. Even better? All data is easily and quickly accessible.

Enhancing the functionality of a CRM system is achieved with integrations. There are countless integrations that do anything from automating marketing activity to managing documents. These clever bits of software can optimize your business workflows and help you make informed decisions based on the data your CRM system stores.

We provide a Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) that syncs all your communications data, including call and SMS, back into your CRM system. So, what makes our platform so powerful? Well, we have native integrations with many CRMs. These integrations capture the data from your calls and automatically stores it against CRM records – without the user having to do anything. Pretty neat right?

Psst – If you are having trouble keeping up with the terminology surrounding CTI you can find our helpful Jargon Buster here!

Take a look at some of the ways you can collect and use your data with CloudCall:

Work smarter and faster

Create fast, efficient workflows. Make calls directly from your CRM contact records and use call controls to hold, mute, transfer and conference the call. Features such as Inbound Screen Pops and Call Notes let you record conversation data directly into your CRM system, without even having to search through your contacts. All this increases the speed in which you can access and record information, plus it reduces the amount of admin users have to do. Win-win!

Better customer satisfaction

A CRM system is the best way to keep track of customer details, account history, and is perfect for managing interactions with existing and potential customers. Tracking these interactions can help you understand your customers through their buying habits, queries, requests and even their complaints.

Boost productivity

CTI has a wide range of useful features which provide users ways of increasing their productivity. These can range from tools like Click to Dial, which saves time on entering numbers manually (or even misdialling), to features such as Voicemail Drop, Power diallers and Broadcast Messaging.

Improve training

With call recordings automatically made and stored, it is easy to access the resources to help train your staff. A Monitor feature will let supervisors silently join calls, allowing managers and trainees to listen in on real-time calls. Clever, right?

Whereas a Whisper function lets supervisors talk to your new team members while they are on a live call, offering guidance and support without the contact knowing.

Drive growth

All these things drive growth by turning conversations with customers into valuable business insights that can be tracked with real time reports. What more could you ask for?

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