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How Communication Technology Benefits Remote Teams

Remote teams are reporting higher productivity and lower stress levels. Do you offer your employees the option to work remotely? Remote work technology has evolved over the past decade to match the technology of a standard office. Teams that work remotely (and communicate with non-remote workers) can leverage this technology to communicate better and faster.  

The evolution of modern technology is eliminating the stigma surrounding ‘working remotely’. Now, top talent demands the perk, so make sure you have the right technology to make it happen. Candidate shortages are at an all-time high, making it difficult to attract and retain top talent, especially among millennials. Offering the option to ‘work from home’ on occasion can make or break your ability to attract and retain top talent. 

With a growing demand for a remote workforce, managers and executives still demand visibility from their teams, even if they are not physically in the office.   

Can remote teams benefit from new technology, while maintaining visibility? 

Yes, with real-time reporting and mobile tools – all accessible through the cloud.  

Reporting to monitor KPIs  

For managers looking to track performance, it is important to create and monitor KPIs (key performance indicators). Scheduled reporting allows managers to set expectations for remote team members and track their performance, without micromanaging. 

Use a mobile tool to access work on the go  

Find a mobile application for your team that can syncs calls and texts to your CRM/ATS software automatically. Give your teams the ability to work anywhere with a mobile app that connects their phone to the CRM.  

With better infrastructure in place to allow for remote work, companies can access a wider talent pool during the hiring process. As the remote workforce grows, it is important for teams to check their technologies to make sure they are up to date and constantly increasing efficiency.

Courtney Burt

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Courtney Burt is a Marketing Associate from CloudCall’s Boston Seaport office. Courtney strives to help people benefit from the capabilities of integrating communications within their CRM. She embraces the harsh New England winters with a snowboard and in a former life, she enjoyed eating healthy.