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How Technology is Shaping the Future of Telephony

At one point in time, the humble telephone was used by businesses simply to make calls – pick up the phone, dial a number and speak to the customer. But with advances in technology, they can now do so much more. Modern telephony helps to combine the best of both the worlds – the humble telephone meets technology. Computer-telephony integrations bridge the gap between your telephone system and your data helping businesses handle calls better, drive productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

The evolution of computer telephony integrations means that many manual processes are now automated saving the representatives time on each call, agents are able to update their data and make calls all from one system freeing them to make more calls each day.

Despite these advances businesses often still struggle when trying to reach prospects with only 9% of all calls resulting in a conversation.  With statistics as low as this it can be very difficult for teams to achieve their call numbers and indeed hit their targets.

We are excited to announce the release of CloudCall Local Presence which utilises the latest in telephony technology to enable businesses to dynamically display a number (CLI) local to where they are calling.  With a recent survey showing that people are 4 times more like to answer a call when a local number is displayed CloudCall Local Presence could help organisations increase the number of conversations they have from 9% up to 36% of calls made per day.

CloudCall Local Presence hasn’t just been designed to benefit outbound calling teams.  We have developed the technology so that it also works for inbound calls.  Not only are customers more likely to return a missed call from a local number CloudCall Local Presence can also be used as part of your marketing campaigns.  Working in multiple regions or across different countries business can now utilise the technology to effectively analyse the success of marketing campaigns.  By allocating a local number for customers to call in, you can direct the calls to a dedicated team and monitor call numbers by region or country and have a real insight into the success of your campaign and what activity, or use of language works for what market.

To find out more about how CloudCall Local Presence can help to boost your sales productivity check out our Infographic.

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