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How to Be as Informed as a Micro manager Without Micromanaging

Information is king, and the more you know about your employees the better you can run your business. If you’re a sales manager, you’re always trying to get the most information on the call activity of your team without having to continually look over their shoulders. As you know, constantly pestering sales reps to take call notes and brief you on their daily activity slows down your sales process – and annoys your employees.

Sales people need to make sales, not take copious notes and log their call activities. So how can you keep your reps on the phone more and still get the information you need?

We’ve compiled some top tools that provide insight into your team’s activities without creating more work for you or your sales reps.

It all starts with integrating your CRM and your phone system
Telephony integration will improve the call note and call categorization process. All of your sales information lives in the CRM, but since your CRM and your phone are not connected, there’s no easy way to categorize calls and take notes within that system. With telephony integration, suddenly your sales people are able to categorize calls and take notes where your information already lives. After the call is complete, the call category and any notes taken are added automatically to the contact record for easy reference by the management team or the rep.

The next step is data. Some CRMs offer basic reporting within their system, but if it doesn’t offer the information you’re looking for you may need an additional tool. Again, the right telephony integration solution can help. At SYNETY, we obviously use our own CloudCall solution which provides reporting on call numbers, call duration, missed calls, calls made by category or date and time, and much more.

Also, a real-time dashboard allows you to see what your reps are currently up to without you having to ask them… and ask them and ask them. Check out some of the reports we’ve created from our own call data.

The left report shows which members of our team have had the longest calls and the right one shows who has made the most calls. We can see that Greg has made the most calls, but Christian’s calls have lasted longer and therefore may be more meaningful. All valuable information for a manager to see, and you can get it automatically without slowing down the sales process. You can also have these and other reports scheduled and sent directly to your inbox.

It seems so simple, but so many businesses haven’t connected their phones and their CRM, missing valuable opportunities to gain insight into call activities while also streamlining the sales process.

How project management tools can help
Now you have access to all the call data, but what about other projects that aren’t call related? Perhaps a team member is writing up a proposal for a prospective client or maybe someone is working with the marketing team to create case studies or other collateral. How are you going to gain insight into these type of activities? This is where a project management tool can help.

With an online project management tool, you can see exactly which projects each member of your team is working on. Tasks can be created, assigned to different members of the team and marked as complete. These are the basic features, but many tools offer much more advanced options like attaching files, leaving comments and notes for other team members, scheduling tasks and more.

Our marketing team has recently been using a tool called Asana that they have found helpful. It is great for creating a clear list of tasks for each team member and even allows you to group tasks by larger projects and schedule due dates. It provides an easy view of the team’s activities which is helpful for team members and managers alike.

It does allow you to upload documents, but it wasn’t the most effective document management tool. You could only upload a document associated with a task, but there was no easy way to manage all your documents in one place.

Another drawback they noticed was the inability to assign a task to more than one person. The Asana website says this is to avoid confusion over who should complete the task. While this logic may be sound, in reality, many projects need to be assigned to multiple team members. To be fair, our team tried the free version, so perhaps the full price option offers better functionality. If you’re looking for a basic and easy to use tool, this one is a good option.

Call recordings are your new best friend
If the call notes, analytics, and project management tools aren’t enough, call recordings may be your saving grace. Listen to calls from your top sales reps and ones that need improvement. It can help with reviews as well as make for more efficient training. It’s also easy to send the files of the recordings to other members of the team.

No more micromanaging!
So now you’re prepared to be the insightful manager you want to be without the annoying need to pester your employees. No more micromanagement needed. You and your team can celebrate with fewer angry emails trying to track down data and call notes.

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