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How to be green when working remotely

Have you seen that we’ve gone green? You can too by making some easy changes to stay green, whilst working remotely.

We recently changed our logos to green, to highlight that we have been given a Green Economy Mark by London Stock Exchange. Companies receive the mark when 50% of their total revenue is from environmentally positive goods, products and services.

You don’t need a huge company or lots of stocks to be able to make an impact. With so many people working from home at the moment, there are plenty of ways for you to go green. Most of which don’t even involve moving from your chair – which makes us happy.

Commute – When people started working at home this year – one thing made a lot of people, us included, very excited. This was no more commutes! If you have swapped your car journey, train, tube or bus for a short walk to your desk, you’re already helping to go green.

Switch off – Whilst you have more time at home, it may be easier to save on electricity – therefore reducing your bills. Winner winner! Turn off your lights, shut down your devices and use your central heating wisely whilst at home to reduce your carbon footprint.

Reuse – We know what a normal day at work looks like. Sandwich wrapper, couple of coffee cups, one or two or seven crisp wrappers (depending on how well the day is going). Whilst at home all your utensils and cutlery should be reusable to save on single use plastics and paper. Swapping for a reusable water bottle is a great starting point!

These are just a couple of easy steps to take to be greener whilst working remotely. From picking a ‘green’ delivery slot to going vegan or even getting yourself a worm farm (we’ll let you Google that one), there are plenty of ways for you to reduce, reuse and recycle.

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