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How to Beat the Competition to the Winning Candidate

It’s 2018 and top talent is scarce. With the job marketing tightening, candidates hold most of the power. Top talent does not stay on the market for very long, sometimes only for a matter of days.

So, how can your recruiters beat the competition to the winning candidate?

Many recruiters find that texting is the best communication channel for eliciting better responses from candidates. Candidates are applying to jobs in the palm of their hands using apps, such as LinkedIn or Indeed, on mobile devices. Texting naturally complements the candidate’s journey through your hiring process, especially if it began on a mobile platform.

Here’s a scenario. Your perfect candidate is sitting at the desk of their current job. You come across their resume and call them for a phone screen. When candidates are sitting at the desk of their current job, they can’t easily answer a call from a recruiter. They will likely ignore your voicemail until the end of the day. By then, another recruiter could have gotten their attention first. The solution? You guessed it – texting.

For recruiters this is a relatively new method of communication. To ensure winning candidates don’t get lost in the hiring process, more and more recruiters are texting. It’s not a surprise, since texting is the dominant way of communicating for Millennials.

According to last year’s Yello Recruiting Study, which analyzed the hiring process of 1,400 recent graduates, 74% said they turned down an offer because the company was too slow in its response. As top talent enters the job market, they will not wait for a company that is too slow to hire. Texting speeds up the communication between recruiters and candidates.

3 advantages of texting candidates include:

  1. Responsiveness. Millennial candidates are most likely to respond to a text versus phone or email. Texts are harder to ignore and provide more explanation than a missed call.
  2. Deliverability. Emails are often left unread or end up in the spam folder, where the candidate is NOT likely to see it. Texting solves this problem because texts go directly to the candidate’s phone. This also makes leaving voicemails and playing phone tag unnecessary.
  3. Ease of use. Integrate text messaging into your current CRM/ATS to easily keep track of texts sent and received. As a recruiter, you will save time by using tools that allow multiple recipients to be sent a text message at once. Texting allows candidates to answer questions quickly and easily on the go.

What’s the next step? Discuss integration capabilities with potential vendors to find a system for texting that aligns with your goals.

Request a demo to discover how to integrate text messaging into your company’s current CRM. Learn more about how CloudCall can help your team get more placements.

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