4 Ways to Kickstart Your Content Strategy

How to Kickstart Your Content Strategy

We’ve always known that creating quality content is key for any business. At CloudCall, we like to share our knowledge and ideas about what strategies have worked effectively for us, what issues we have come across and how we have resolved them. The fact that our business caters to different industries has also ensured that our knowledge is ever-growing, providing us with the right resources and ideas that we use to help our customers and prospects drive their businesses forward.

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Since we’ve revived our content marketing plans and content strategy, we wanted to share some tips on how businesses who might be in the same situation as us, can get their content strategy up and running.

What is the goal of your content strategy?

To kickstart your content strategy, you need to make sure that you have defined goals and objectives in mind. Without this, it is difficult to create content that is relevant and it would be a challenge to measure your content plan’s success in the long-term. Is your goal with content marketing to enhance your industry’s awareness of your brand? To improve the traffic to your website? To increase the number of leads that you generate for your Sales team? To educate your customers and prospects about, not only the work that your business does but addresses their concerns and pain points within your industry?

You don’t necessarily have to stick to only one of these goals, but having these in mind from the beginning will help you to determine the right target audience for your content as well as providing measurable results that you can present to key decision makers within your company to highlight that your content strategy is working. Some of these goals are easier to measure than others – just be sure that these measures are in place from the beginning.

Do you have experience writing content?

Unless you have a dedicated content marketer in place, it sometimes falls to a joint effort with your marketing team and the rest of the business to kickstart your content strategy. You’ll have to bear in mind that everyone will be busy with their day-to-day tasks so it is important to get your business’s support and buy-in on a content strategy from the beginning, as they will be one of the helpful resources for ideas and content in the short-term.

We’ve found that ‘bribery’ often works. And by ‘bribery’ – we mean bringing in a lot of sugary treats and goodness to share with your team. People seem to be more willing to help if they have sugar in them! Make sure to keep a note of any I.O.Us from your colleagues’ for things like ‘Oh, do you have a minute to get this done’, and ‘Could you take a quick look at this?’ as these will definitely come in handy when asking for content help! All joking aside, we have found that people are often willing to share their expertise. Everyone wants to be seen as a thought leader!

If you are not confident about writing – don’t worry! There are plenty of resources that can help you get started. The Hubspot Academy, for example, offers free content marketing certification and provides study modules and videos that you can take, to be a more confident content writer. Some modules include tips on how to generate content ideas, how to become an effective writer and how to effectively promote your content.

Make sure you have an achievable and scalable plan in place.

It’s always daunting to get started on a new task and not know where to begin. It’s even more daunting if you do have a plan in place and still do not know where to begin! This sometimes happens when you have a lot of great ideas – not that that’s a bad thing – but it can be a bit overwhelming to get started when faced with a mountain of content to create.

Our suggestion would be to start slow and create a simple content strategy by using a content calendar. With a content calendar in place, you can add your content pieces and have timescales of when you need to have these prepared by. You can consider whether you have the time to create content on a weekly, monthly or even daily basis, which will really help you to get started and will be scalable in the long term as you continue to add content ideas to your calendar. You can line this up with any existing marketing strategy that your team has in place.

One more thing…don’t worry if at first, it doesn’t work. Try and try again!

Unfortunately, writing effective content can take up time and resources, which means that it can sometimes be pushed to the side and de-prioritised. However, with a solid foundation in place, a business’s content strategy can bear many fruits – as ours did in the past and we hope that they will for you too. Throughout the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing tips on how to create content that is engaging and simple to write, as well as highlighting some straightforward content strategies to implement.

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