If you don't live and breathe CRM culture, you're missing out

If you don’t live and breathe CRM culture, you’re missing out

Never heard of CRM culture? Let me tell you why your business needs it.

CRM culture combines the most essential part of your business’s technology ecosystem, the CRM, with the culture of the whole organisation. The CRM, has the power to improve management efficiencies, bring higher performing customer service and increased profits. But if staff aren’t using it to its full potential, it becomes little more than a glorified address book. What should companies do if they want to make the most of their CRM? The answer is to look at the culture of the organisation and see if it’s promoting the use of the CRM or hindering it.

If you’re not living and breathing this culture, you’re in danger of losing business

What is CRM culture?

Culture can be defined as behaviours and shared values among a group of people. When applied in the context of the CRM, this means having the full team on board and using the CRM to its full potential.

Many companies have cultures that don’t lend themselves to the CRM. Whether it’s entrepreneurial-style companies, which promote organisational independence such as “separate silos” thinking. Or product-centred cultures where customers are virtually ignored, and decisions are made based on what they have bought instead of who they are.

When used correctly, the CRM is the heart of a business’s tech ecosystem.
But if staff aren’t using it to its full potential, a CRM can become little more than a glorified address book.

Creating a CRM culture within an organisation ensures everyone wants to use the CRM as much as possible because they understand the value it can bring to their role, their teammates and the business as a whole.

5 tips to kick-start CRM culture:

  1. Training

Make sure everyone on the team is fully trained on both the functionality and the benefits of the CRM. Explain it to them, make sure they understand how it helps to solve their problems.

  1. Introduce new metrics

Introduce new metrics to encourage use of the CRM, collaboration between teams and departments.

  1. Set up rewards

Depending on the type of business, a reward system might be the best way in incentivise employees to use the CRM.

  1. Listen to employee feedback

Your employees are your best source of information regarding the CRM’s adoption. Encourage them to speak up if they feel that a process could be improved upon, or if they are having difficulty with any part of the system.

  1. Give it time

Implementing a CRM culture can be just as challenging as implementing the software itself. Getting everyone used to the CRM will take time but it’s possible if you continue to emphasise the benefits to each individual and to the business.

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